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If there is a good quality desi series about drugs narcotics and various criminal activities it is Shaaticup

If there is a good quality desi series about drugs, narcotics and various criminal activities, it is Shatikap. Can be called Charki’s best crime series. The series was produced by Mohammad Tawkeer Islam. He then re-created Sinpat whose plot revolved around drug dealers. The series was released in Charki last year.

Both series are based on similar plot.

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This Sinpat series is made in the regional language of Rajshahi and its surroundings. Every dialogue is full of profanity. A common slur in the series was “whore”. It doesn’t matter, one country’s abuse is one country’s bully.

The main characters of the series are Sohail and Faju. Sohail is involved in various crimes including drug dealing, theft and robbery. Hastily left the city and went elsewhere. On the one hand, the police are looking for money for bail, on the other hand, Sohail is under a lot of stress with his family.

Money is everything but this money brings unhappiness..One thing I saw in the series is that people don’t get very bad easily. Bad more or less everyone becomes violent because of the dirty and negative people of the society. Faju is a master lock picker. Can open any lock. Faju, however, was a bus helper earlier.

Sohail forms a new team with Faju for robbery. But the journalists started looking for them at home. That journalist is in his own interest. This journalist is very tactful. I will like Faju’s character. While Faju has less courage and weak mentality, Sohail is quite brave and intelligent.

The character of a needy woman named Duru will also be liked. He also got involved in drug dealing with Sohail for money, although he was Sohail’s informer at first. The brothers did not give him the wealth or money he deserved.

The thief police chase and counter chase game continues.

In the end, the scene at the end of the episode was like a bad log. In fact, the situation is not always the same, so the brain does not work properly. The director has portrayed the life of criminals well.

“””Sinpat is a vernacular term used in the Nagarbari region of Pabna. The meaning is to ‘scene create’. Everything was going well but suddenly it became a mess. Due to someone’s mistake or carelessness, the work has gone awry. That is called ‘sinepat.'””

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