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Book fair and me

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The book fair has started but I am not there

The book fair has started but I am not there. How sad to think. It seems that my book of poetry is lying like an orphan in the fair, disrespected and neglected. For which there is no schedule of publication festival. There is no unveiling ceremony. Still, I believe my friends and loved ones will pick up my book. Read and see my 59 poems written in different styles.

The mood of last year’s book fair is still shaking me strongly.

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Last year’s book fair was a center of special emotions and feelings for me. While sitting in Canada, the table was going on in different ways in the mind. Last time, my first book of stories was published by Nri Prakashan. So I wanted to hand over the books.

Getting to know Unseen Getting to know loved ones, well-wishers, friends. Finally the moment came. I reached the Dhaka Book Fair on 24th February afternoon from Faridpur by Padma Bridge. To match the current book fair with the memories of the book fair I left behind.

While sitting in the car, I got the news that Faridpur writer Rashedul Kabir Azad bhai came to look for me twice. I was wondering if the respected poet writer Farida Apa came back to the stall! When I was thinking about these things, when I was moving towards Nri Prakashan’s stall No. 522, writer Hasan Moni came from a distance and said, “Hey Shimul, where are you going?” The writer friend took me to my destination. My poet friend Shipun, Moni Bhabhi, the trio were waiting for me there. As soon as I entered, they hugged me and welcomed me with flowers and arranged food.

In this I met the poet Azad Bhai. Respected writer Zafar Siddiqui with brother and sister-in-law. Meets poet Munsi Rafiqul Islam Sacchu Bhai. He brought with him very interesting sweets. That sweets spread from hand to hand. Met Jahan Apa who waited for me at the fair for two hours. Farida Apa came without paying attention to the sun at noon. He hugged me like a little sister. My school classmates friends Sumi, Shimul have come. Nishu is the first friend of my working life.

My bayin and biai Farooq bhai and bhabhi came forward and gave flower garlands on my head after pushing the huge crowd of the book fair. Many of my 90s friends came to make my day memorable. Everyone has picked up my child Tulya’s first storybook ‘Galpagulo Mener-Take Hela’ with great compassion. I am soaked in so much love, I am overwhelmed, I am grateful. I will go to Bangladesh again because of the love of these people.

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