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Separation of family

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau announced their decision to separate this morning Their relationship is not as good as before

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau announced their decision to separate this morning. Their relationship is not as good as before.
Why they decided to stay apart is their personal matter. Two people come close in love and spend their whole lives together, and the couple spends their whole lives together by getting married and living together at the decision of their parents.

In this whole life together, they had only love, no differences of opinion, no pain, but no one knows. People only see that two people have lived together for a long time. In this long family life, both of them have accepted a lot of things from each other, they have made many concessions for their own love of single life. Or maybe one side has just accepted and adapted. One side accepts that there is no reason to think that only women have done it, many men also adapt with concessions and keep the family.

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Again, no one can give any guarantee that the marriage will last for the rest of your life if you get married for love or get married on the decision of your guardian.

Human to human relationship is first of all blood relation family. This family started with the decision of two strangers to live together. The only means of which is love, the social rule called marriage strengthens the bonds of love between people. Relationships with blood relatives are destroyed. The relationship is broken between brothers and sisters. Even the relationship with parents is destroyed due to various disagreements. There, the relationship made only by love can be destroyed due to various reasons. Two people, two families, two people from two different environments, the emotional balance of two people is maintained only through love. When there is tension, that bond can break.

In our social thinking, many families break up because of the displeasure of others in the family, rather than understanding the thoughts of the husband and wife. But in the western world, when two people decide for themselves that they are not tolerating or liking each other, then they separate.

Apart from this, many people decide to live together as a live together partner outside of the social or religious rules like marriage and divorce. Many people spend a lifetime immersed in the love of two without following any rules called marriage. Just as many people started living together without organizing any event, they also separated again if they did not love each other. Court Law Courts have no problem they own their own decisions.

Bonds without blood ties are formed through love between two people. People want to keep the family, thinking about the illusion of dependency of the family, children. Be it a native or a foreigner, no one wants to break up the family easily.

When two people live together, various incidents can happen like conflict. Sometimes they can solve the problem and sometimes people don’t want to deal with the problem.

Apart from the social status, economic poverty, physical abuse, bad habits, emotional conflicts are more painful in marital relationship.

Many have tolerance. Many people can’t stand anything or at some point they decide to break up. Many choose to commit suicide because they consider it a disgrace to separate. Dies and survives by going beyond knowing everything. There are also cases where husbands kill their wives or husbands because they don’t like each other.

But people stay to talk. When people live together, if it is very good, they blame him, if it is bad, they also blame him. There is no limit to the fault in divorce. People cannot go beyond talking about people even by committing suicide. People are found guilty of various crimes in court.

People want to see others perfect in everything regardless of whether they can do something or not. Focused on finding fault with others, discussions turn to criticism.

He takes all the decisions in other people’s lives. This behavior is an extremely bad habit.

Earlier they used to talk to each other about other people while walking around the house, now it has started from newspaper pages to Facebook pages. It is not known that after hearing the news of his separation, people make comments like his own decision.

Stars are not considered human beings in this list. They have no feelings they just marry and divorce and remarry.

Do all these people even think why I am talking about his life. Do I have the right to dictate other people’s lives beyond their own decisions?

As news of Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s split broke, countless people jumped in to comment. And this comment is hateful rude comment. Bangladeshis believe that Trudeau’s divorce from countries like Canada is due to him going to gay parades. There may be many detractors of a prime minister but they don’t seem to realize that the ironic Bangladeshi style criticism of his personal life is making them laugh.

After getting the right to live with their own religion and culture from a country like Canada, they want to make it their own. No other culture becomes Canadian enough to tolerate other ideas. They do not understand this one-sided thinking of themselves or spread hatred knowingly. Many people get involved in it without realizing it. That is why the person who is talking is considered a leader.

The Prime Minister himself has said that his family is not sustainable and no one knows why he is divorcing his wife. But how many reasons are spreading every moment people make their own mind. All day today I saw a lot of people’s obscene thoughts.

If people would stop talking about these fake things, maybe life would be more beautiful.

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