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My daughter Aritri and friend Maruful Islam

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My daughter Aritri and friend Maruful Islam

Nine thirty in the morning. The phone is ringing. Charge the phone. I rushed and looked at the phone. Jasmine is supposed to be on the phone this morning. But I don’t see, not Jasmine. Aritri’s name appeared on WhatsApp. Oma Aritri! Aritri has not been spoken to for the past three to four days. I didn’t call either. In a moment, the mind becomes better.

There is already a sadness for some days. Why can’t I understand this sadness? This happens to me every time before going back. I don’t know if it happens to everyone. Not that anyone would be sad if I left. will miss Still the small memories will burn me. The soil of the country has a distinct smell. Can’t understand exactly. Maybe that’s the feeling at home.

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What do you do father!

Ah soul voice! I haven’t seen Aritri for a long time. They have not seen each other since leaving permanently for America in December. I visited Toronto once in a while but I never saw it in the country.

This is how I woke up. what are you doing mom Iftar!

Yes when! It is now half past eleven.

And yes it is. What to eat iftar today!

Aritri smiles. I understand that I could not make much. I don’t talk anymore. If there was Toronto, Aritri’s favorite boots would be roasted, onion, and purple. Aritri’s choice and mine are the same. I say to myself, I will learn slowly. Even Jesimon couldn’t do anything. Now everything can.

When is your flight! All set!

yes fixing

Dad, I am also coming to Toronto. I booked the ticket on 28th.

Oritri will arrive in Toronto a day after I leave. Celebrate Eid with us. Then Jasmine and Aritri will go for Umrah. I have this information.

You are all set!

Yes, I’m getting ready.

See you mom.

you come well

As I told my friend Maruf yesterday at the iftar table, I almost suffer from a kind of loneliness or depression. You know the reason!

Maruf laughed and said, how can I understand!

So he doesn’t understand. I also said that I do not understand what I want. I don’t even understand what happiness is like. Not even happiness.

Telling him so much is because he can read people right. I think I can too. Then what he said is correct. I knew he would discover the reason. She said, since your son and daughter left you have had this.

It’s true. Around the same time Ark, Avtri got married and both separated. A void that has suddenly been created has not been filled. Then after I left for America, I started to suffer from a kind of depression. Now I understand how parents feel when their children go away. Nothing fills this void.

On the way back, I sat in Maruf’s Mercedes Benz and watched the sky through the sky roof. When I was going to the All Community Club in the afternoon, it was raining heavily. Heavy traffic. We were sitting in the car enjoying the rain. On the way back, probably to calm my mind, Maruf said, you listen to music!

Yes, I listen to music all the time.

Who listens to music!

I name Sabina, Runa, Mohammad Ali Siddiqui, Abdul Hadi, Abdul Jabbar, Bashir Ahmed, Shahnaz Rahtollah, Abida, Subir Nandi, Hemant, Lata, Mannade, Asha etc.

Maruf said, Sabina sings three songs.

I stopped at two. I don’t remember anymore.

Runer said, the same situation happens, it doesn’t come to mind. Hemant Mannard is also the same. Why that does not come to mind!

Maruf said, you ask me a lot of questions, so I am doing the same.

I said that I forget everything when I sit for the exam. I am not a first class student like you! hehehe

Then Maruf Hemantar recited twenty-fifteen lines of songs, each of which I sang one line. He said, as long as I can say the lines of the song, you can travel twenty hours to reach Toronto!

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