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Holy Eid-ul-Azha, sacrifice is the key word of Qurbani

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The holy Eid ul Azha resplendent in the glory of sacrifice

The holy Eid-ul-Azha, resplendent in the glory of sacrifice, has turned the year around with a happy message for the Muslim world.

Almighty Allah was pleased with the boundless devotion, willingness of supreme sacrifice and deepest surrender of his beloved servant Hazrat Ibrahim (a) and his son Hazrat Ismail (a) to Rabbul Alamin and He allowed Hazrat Ibrahim (a) to sacrifice animals as a sign of self-sacrifice and love. instructed Since this incident, Muslims have been offering animal sacrifices as a symbol of sacrifice and self-sacrifice according to their ability.

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Qurbani is offered every year after Hajj, the biggest religious event of Muslims. The Hajj ceremony lasts for five days. Millions of Muslims from different countries gathered at Arafat Maidan. It is also a unique example of Muslim brotherhood.

The main word of Qurbani is sacrifice. It is the duty of every Muslim to sacrifice an animal according to his ability and distribute its meat among the poor neighbors. Regrettably, for many in this country, even spiritual matters like religion have become mere rituals. Competitive eating of meat and storing it for months has become our culture. It is by no means desirable.

It is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an that nothing reaches the blood or flesh of a sacrificed animal to Allah Rabbul Alamin, only the piety of the servant reaches. So Qurbani is not a matter of show or competition. Qurbani means sacrifice. Allah Ta’ala has asked to sacrifice beloved things. We will obey His commandments from the urge of the heart, not for show. Through sacrifice we will kill the inner animal power, as well as strengthen the love between people. With the combined efforts of all, one or two meals of good quality food can be arranged for the starving people. A hand of sympathy can also be extended to those who are suffering more, especially due to the current high inflation. Some animals can be donated to farmers in need as farm animals. Charity has been glorified in all religions. Service to humanity is the true religion. Suppression of the animal power within the individual, society and people through animal sacrifice is the main point of sacrifice. That is what believing Muslims do. Through this sacrifice and self-sacrifice, one can gain closeness to God.

The City Corporation should be particularly active in maintaining post-animal sacrifice cleanliness in the city. We would request the citizens of the city to maintain cleanliness in animal sacrifice. It is improper to offer Qurbani on the road or anywhere else. It pollutes the environment, spreads bad smell. The sanctity of Eid must be maintained in all cases.

Islam gives utmost importance to peace, harmony and brotherhood. Sad but true, there is a great lack of joy and harmony in our political and social life. It is hoped that everyone will share the joy of Eid. Happy Eid to all.

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