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Reflection in Moonlight water

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Is the man sleeping or dead

A huge banyan tree on the terrace. The shadow is spreading. A few temporary shops have tried to give the shape of a bazaar. As the evening approaches, there is emptiness. Beside me, the winding river flows at its own pace. On the way, the fields and towns have broken through to maintain speed. Along with the boats sailing on the river bank, the vepu sounding the launch, the stymar is running at breakneck speed. This is how the origin of the town began. Batmool is involved in playing Katakuti with themselves. A man is sleeping peacefully in the knotted roots. It is difficult to separate the man in the tangled body of the root. The rhymer would surely cut the rhyme if he saw it in his eyes.

Under the tree at the root of the banyan tree
What are you lying on?
Krish Kaya in the illusion of shadow
God calls in the cool breeze.
Eyes filled with illusion
Keep quiet
Guards the stream of water
Being crazy without creation.

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A thin man sits quietly beside the sleeping man with his hand on his cheek. They did not know each other even in the past. Curiously, the man periodically brought his face close to the sleeping man’s face to check. An insatiable desire to know and a slight lack of intelligence haunts the man.

Is the man sleeping or dead? Although he understood for the first time. The sleeping man’s facial expression changes repeatedly. Surely the man is in a dream. The man is crossing the sea or the desert in his sleep. No happiness is a dream, realizing it. Even though he is deep in sleep, his face shows the reflection of suffering. No one knows anyone, yet it is as if they have known each other for ages. Time is running out. The man left work. That too is forgotten. Maya is a strange thing. No one can understand when and where the barrier will fall. He does not break the bonds and come out. Illusion is the biggest obstacle to seeing the immense beauty of creation. Again, she makes the stranger her own forever. A day-labourer’s illusions are overflowing on a sleeping stranger. Clouds of suffering, like stormy clouds, cannot withstand the pressure of natural conditions. The sun-burnt bronzed man’s sleeping face had a touch of heavenly calm. Sleeping people’s faces are always magical. Seeing complex crooked people while sleeping also evokes Maya. The sleeping man opens his eyes, driven by the sixth sense.

Suddenly seeing someone with such skin close to the nose can scare anyone. After waking up on it, even the wise sages will be startled. Mahfuz opened his eyes and saw a face in a blurry vision. A face is floating in front of the eyes. The man’s eyes are in two coats. A few trees are standing on the spit. Maybe it will count if you try. Cheeks are puffy like an airtight bottle. All in all, ignorance can be overwhelming. Unknowingly, Mahfuz’s throat came out, “Oh, my go.” He quickly tried to sit up. There lies the danger. Forehead to forehead. Mahfuz lay down and the man stepped back. Mahfuz looks at the strange visionary man with bleary eyes. A hand on the forehead. The pain was not bad. In his eyes, life did not return.

One of the man’s hands is caressing the sore spot on his forehead. Feeling Mahfuz’s lifeless gaze, forgetting the pain, the man asked,

– Oh, little brother, what’s wrong with you?

In the question, along with anxiety, sadness, pain is falling like snow. So much pain in an unfamiliar voice, this is a surprise! Mahfuz heard the echo of his father’s voice. Ah, what a charming voice! Mahfuz remembers the sad face because of the pained voice. In the sight of the eyes, life begins to flow slowly. The depth of the man’s eyes is limitless. His love for the unknown Mahfuz is pouring out. Mahfuz was the only person who had ever seen such an illusion at first sight, whose sudden disappearance left his life in a state of chaos. Unknowingly, a sigh comes out from deep in the chest. He looked at the two magical eyes of the man with wonder. The question swells like camphor under the caress of a tender gaze.

Not getting the answer to the question, the man explains the reason for asking the question,

– I used to work to eat. I didn’t eat anything in the morning. Very thirsty. Her Laiga River Theikka has come to quench the thirst. I was surprised when I saw you. No one came till noon and night. Nahi bhut and petni live in this tree. Onkei Tago is crying. At first it looked like a brick.

The man stopped talking so many words continuously at an inertialess pace. Maybe you remember, no one knows the name yet. Mahfuz was not introduced. Says with a little shame in his voice,

– Chod brother, I talk too much. Don’t do anything. My name is Hafiz. Hafizza kaiya dahe to me. What is your subject? What do you say to me? There is no problem even if it is not necessary.

The man’s simple manner of speaking made Mahfuz feel cold. Mahfuz said to himself, “Apne ta ittu na, you can talk more.” A playful smile tries to rise on the corner of the lips and fades away. In retrospect, people who talk too much seem to have soft hearts. Like a coconut, there is a layer of coolness hidden inside.

Mahfuz is overwhelmed by the long explanation of the man named Hafiz. Some explanation becomes the responsibility on his part.

– I was on my way. I wanted to pick up a brick in this place, I couldn’t understand why I was sleeping.

Mahfuz stopped saying this. He is not used to talking much. He lost the power to speak after a sudden storm of speed swept over his life. Loved ones have also taken away the power to say the necessary words. Yet Mahfuz opened his mouth to Hafiz’s lively use. Tell him your name.

– My name is Mahfuz.

After hearing the answer from Mahfuz’s face, Hafiz’s mouth started to boil.

– Where is your home brother? Where did you come from? Where do you go?

Question after question came rushing to Mahfouz like bees from a beehive.

Mahfuz could never answer so many questions at once. Those whose eyes can smile before their lips, crookedness cannot grow in their minds. Hafiz’s eyes are wide open and smiling like a fish. Her every question is laced with sheer curiosity. For the time being, it is not possible for Mahfuz to satisfy Hafiz’s curiosity. Still trying to stop him with a smile, throwing questions,

– How do you answer Aman’s many questions?

Mahfuz’s opposite question does not seem to ebb and flow in his enthusiasm, but rather gives a glimpse of the tide. Mahfuz tries to wipe the roots of the tree next to him with a shoulder towel. Besides removing the dust in the house of the towel, the lips are narrowed and blown, as if one puff of it will blow away all the dust and dirt. Such people are able to blow away the dust and dirt of the mind.

Sitting next to Mahfuz, he said as if he were his own.

– Chod brother, I can’t stay silent, you don’t say anything.

Stopped for a moment and started again.

– If you want your moon, give me my question, if you don’t want it, don’t give it. I don’t do anything again.

Saying ho ho brings life to a quiet environment with a smile. A hearty smile, as if Mahfuz had heard the best joke of his life. In the middle of the dusty desert, the man seems like a shadow of Mahfuz. Hafeez likes him for no reason. Apalke looks at him. Hafiz’s life has not been touched by such hardships. The branches of the river of suffering could not penetrate the soil of Hafiz’s mind. Even if it enters, the trouble has managed to hide the river like a desert, deeper and deeper. Suddenly the newly-acquainted man named Hafiz became jealous. Divya is getting mixed up with worldly work. Mahfuz wants to lose his mind. Eyesight is starting to get blurry. Hafiz’s voice came to his ears. He comes out of his thoughts.

– Chod brother, what oil again?

Mahfuz forced a smile on his lips. That smile turns into a monkey’s snarl.

– No, nothing.

Mahfuz stopped the sigh that came out from deep in his chest. Desperate to change the context. Keeping Hafiz busy without giving him a chance to ask further questions,

– What do you do now?

Hafiz was waiting to hear the question.

– Hey brother, I am Aelam Kamla. Do you understand Kamla brother? In the field of maize, in the field, I run my stomach with kamala.

The pundit of the classroom has got an attentive student. The aim is to spread knowledge about Kamala. Suddenly a long tongue comes out. Bite the tongue with red teeth. He has some habit of eating and drinking.
– Hey, hey, how much time did he go to gossip with you? take it to you,

So it takes a moment. Isn’t it wrong? Throwing aside the hesitation, he pointed his finger back.

– I used to work in a field.

Takes a moment’s pause. There is not an iota of selfishness in him, but there is enough self-respect. This first man seems quite mature to Mahfuz. Hesitating to say something. Questions or comments, which he hesitated to ask. Simplicity is able to emerge beyond dilemmas.

– Chod brother, if I ask you one question, won’t you do something?

The dark clouds of Mahfuz’s mind are cut and the bright smile of the sun peeks out. The brightness of the sun affects his eyes and face.

The poor man has a lot to learn. The man has managed to heal the wound in his mind. He can laugh. Understand deeply. You can’t run away from life. You have to fight in the field. Despite the huge age gap, the urge to pull Hafiz closer as a friend arises. Greed ruined his life. Lost everything in the greed of prosperity. No, he cannot fall into the trap of greed. People’s will is not always the main thing. Unnoticed, the goddess shakes the kalkathi. What he never did, he sat. A simple confession emerges from within Mahfuz, hiding behind the veil.

– Brother, I like you. Aman can ask any question.

Hafiz’s eyes burst into laughter. Hafiz’s face glowed just like the light that shines when the shadow of the clouds is suddenly removed from the sun.

– Chod brother, I like you too.

Stopping for a while, wandering in the mind asks the question,

– Did you go anywhere?

The question seeks to drive Mahfuz into a world of thought. Does he have no destination? He has an amazing ability to admit the truth.

– No brother, I go where my eyes go. No address known.

Mahfuz’s reply touched Hafiz deeply. Avoiding the ruts of life feels Hafiz Mahfuz with his heart. Sadness touches him. Hafiz, who was ready to ask a question, forgot to ask that question. A sense of intense pain emerges from the illusionary eyes. As the impression of suffering fades away, there emerges the existence of love wrapped in the cloak of sympathy and compassion. Mahfuz’s determination to wipe out the suffering plays into Hafiz’s eyes.
Mahfuz father and elder brother did not see this vision in anyone’s eyes. This is an unearthly light, not everyone can find this light, those who find it, they can give themselves freely to everyone. Mukhchora Mahfuz can’t open his mouth. The illusion of the illusionary world catches Maya Hafiz’s eyes. She looked at Mahfuz with Maya’s tenderness. Mahfuz’s simple confession breaks the mountain of doubt in Hafiz’s mind. Suddenly the question that Mahfuz was waiting for came out of Hafiz’s mouth.

– Brother, will you work with me?

Just asking the question makes me want to die. Mahfuz does not know if it will work at all. Moreover, Mahfuz’s face has a kind of nobility. Did he get angry? Try a quick fix.

– Brother, don’t say anything, I am like that. I can’t say how much to think.

Many words of heart have come out in this explanation of Hafiz. The character of a human lover emerges. Mahfuz can guess a bit about his past. Where subtle harmony emerges. Starting to like the older man is fulfilling.

The human mind is a strange land. Even in the rough desert, the green tree can raise its head without hesitation. A ceremony of greenery takes place to break the loneliness of the lonely tree. Rain is needed to relieve the harshness of the rough terrain. The mind creates the world according to its own needs. It is a seed that floats in the air and makes the steps of the world. A flying seed in the life of Hafiz Mahfuz. Drowning in the sea of trouble, Mahfuz cannot make anyone suffer. To remove Hafiz’s distress, he said,

– You worked for my elder brother. What do you do?

Mahfuz felt satisfaction in his heart after a long time after saying this by looking into Hafiz’s eyes. Hafiz’s eyes widened and laughed. It is not easy to see this smile. Mahfouz feels fortunate despite the inexplicable storms that have passed over his life. Hafiz looked at Mahfuz with a stupid smile.

He has to gain speed to find out the meaning of Mahfuz’s words. Mahfuz puts it simply,

– I was looking for brother.

This statement of Mahfuz is not completely true, nor is it a lie. For the time being, he wanted to spend his life in Boundule for some time. He will wander from village to village without doing any work. The amount of savings in the accompanying chaat bag will last him a long time. He did not want to disappoint Hafiz. After all, it is a blessing to be around a benevolent person. Hearing Mahfuz’s words, Hafiz jumped upstream like a fish in the new monsoon water.
– Brother, trust me. Your work will start today. Take it to me.

So Hafiz started walking. Two steps forward and look back. Mahfuz is struggling to get out of the tree roots. Stepping back, standing in front of Mahfuz, he leans a little as if to give secret advice. whispered,
– Chhod Bhai, if Auzga works, he may not pay a wage. I’ll eat it, you don’t say anything again.

Mahfuz gave Hafiz a smile of trust. Care is not enough to make flowers bloom on the bed of pain. A new life begins with the companionship of a stranger. Work teaches people to live anew. Followed Hafiz towards the field. Reached the destination after traveling quite a bit. The appointed day on the land appears before the laborers. Like a circus performer, Hafiz claps his hands to attract the attention of his companions. Almost everyone likes the goofy guy. The landowner stands with everyone. Looked at the owner of the land and said,

– Kaha, a kamala niya ailam, don’t take anything.

The owner of the land knows Hafiz’s nature very well. There is no way to be angry with him.

– What is the point of anger in your speech?

The question was put to Hafiz but he looked at Mahfuz and said,

– Io mia, read kame laigga. If Hafiz has come to take you, then there is nothing else to do.

There was an extra sickle in the land aisle, Mahfuz took one in his hand and got to work. Before starting the nirvana, the owner asks,

– Tay Mia, what is your name?

Mahfuz briefly replied,

– Mafuz.

Everyone present could understand that more cannot be expected from Mahfuz. Hafiz joins Nirani alongside Mahfuz. His face moved more than his hands. All the information he has is known to all. Also, it is not too late to spread that Mahfuz is accepted as a younger brother. Working in the fields all day, Mahfuz’s beautiful face began to take shape. But his honesty is making him brighter and brighter day by day. His acceptance continued to grow. He began to be known as a faithful young man in the area. Everyone wants to hire him. He has no shortage of work. He never shirks work. Rather, both work alone. Hafiz took responsibility on his shoulders.

Mahfuz’s benevolence secured jobs for some strangers. They stick to Mahfuz like glue. A son of a very influential clan a few villages away. Mahfuz could not hide his identity even if he did not say anything on his own. Disgusted with himself, he left home but could not go far. He could not forget his wife and child. Never want to forget. He threw the arrow of negligence at himself. He took the responsibility of the crime on his own shoulders. Mahfuz lost everything due to his own fault. So he is punishing himself. His father continues to lobby to get him back home. It did not take much time for his father to find his son. He can understand the arrogant boy very well. He respected his son’s place of pride and gave him freedom. Trying to get the son back is not seeing the light of day. No one cares when it comes to Mahfuz. Even his elder brother came and went back in failure.

Scarborough, Canada

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