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New Immigrants in Toronto

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In the course of time all the newcomers may enter the Canadian mainstream

In the city of Toronto, Canada, the entire Bengali education Danfurt area is full of new comers.

Most of the newcomers came on visit visas and a large number of them have applied to stay in Canada – are doing so or are thinking of doing so.

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There are a number of visitors who have arrived and left and some are preparing to leave.

In everyone’s case, the inhumanity is known by confronting one thing very ruthlessly. That is the haunted character of Mahajani Dadan traders.

For all but those who will return, winter’s slow job market has been linked to the housing crisis.

Without scene number you are going through very uncomfortable and painful time in life with irony of work.

In the course of time, all the newcomers may enter the mainstream of Canada and get permission to stay permanently in Canada.

But everyone will have to struggle in the future to overcome the trauma of the current man-made inhumane housing crisis.

Every day there are numerous phone calls or requests to manage the house. Contacted and met with multiple rental house owners or lease holders.

The brutal truth is that a vicious circle of people who have lived in Canada for a long time and identify themselves as landlords has almost doubled rents.

One person is taking double rent by putting two people in one room. Why are you taking such a high rent? In response to such a question, he gave a very good answer – the interest rate has become high.

What would happen to the mortgage or interest rate if these newcomers did not come? The bigger question is that a large part of them are used to looking at the arrival of these newcomers with crooked eyes.

In real context, newcomers come with families or singles; Stayed at home; in their case, getting a room in an apartment is difficult because of the system.

In that case they try to rent houses from private landlords.

Here again a large section has now entered this cycle of giving as middlemen.

Those who have rented the house from the original owner have started renting it out to singles or families.

In these cases, an unwanted problem is arising. That is, the original owner of the house rents at a high price and thinks that by renting so much money from me, he has done more business here. Why didn’t I do it on my own responsibility?

According to the standards of logic, both positions may be correct. Zero in terms of character. But the question is elsewhere. I went to the social office with three new people I know. They are asking for the lease paper of the main owner of the house along with the sub lease paper. In this case, many of the middlemen who have been taken for granted are not bringing the lease paper from the original owner or could not give it.

Newcomers with refugee claims are caught in this muddled relationship of landlord and middleman. Because the case worker cannot issue the amount of dollars they are supposed to pay for their accommodation if they cannot provide the lease paper for the house rent. This is very painful and reprehensible.

Many people have requested the officials of all the leading organizations in the Bengali community to look into the matter with awareness.

I am sharing the two options I have or what I would do if I were here as a representative of all the newbies in my community:

1: First request Those of you who rent the house as an owner or middleman, please hand over the lease and lease papers to your tenant before asking for them. Help them get the benefits they get from the government easily and pay your house rent regularly.

2: Number two is just the opposite ie for beginners.

Since you are not getting two papers of lease and lease or lease and sublease after having right. For that reason, he could not take the benefit provided by the government;

That’s why all of you stay together and stop paying rent. If it is valid for a few months, the city/tenant board will be on your side.

If they cannot solve the problems of landlords and landlords, they should be deprived of rent.

Things are not pretty, of course, but there is no alternative.

It can be said to be clear – if there is a change from the stain, then the stain is good.

Footnote: Not all landlords are responsible for this peculiar mentality; Likewise, not all lessees are liable. Newcomer brother Rahel regretted and said – brother will not get this problem in any other community. And here the newbies are busy hunting the newbies. Find out whether I am telling the truth or lying :- Yes, in both cases, for those who are there, we do not accept the poet as the guru – in his statement —
“Seven crores of Bengalis, O enchanted mother; you kept them and did not make them Bengalis”

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