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My Mother

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I suffered myself but never told my mother

My mother never wears the saree I gave her on Eid.

I have noticed for the last five years. I suffered myself but never told my mother. Today, when I came to the Eidgah in the village and prayed, this matter was still on my mind. I was sure mother will not wear the saree I gave her this time too. I have a very good relationship with my mother. I don’t check him regularly. My younger brother Ratan lives with him and he wears the saree given by him on Eid. My saree is much more expensive than rattan saree. But mother will wear hers. I have not considered this matter before. I don’t think any of them noticed my wife, Ratan or Ratan’s wife. I have always thought that one Eid will wear her and another Eid will wear mine. But mother has not worn the sari given by me on any Eid in the last five years.

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I have a lot of respect in the village. I am an engineer. There is no shortage of money. Today at the end of the Eid congregation, everyone asked me to install AC in the mosque. I have also promised that I will give two ACs for now. I will give two during Eid al-Adha.

The people of the village want to salute me. I am the pride of this village. No matter what I do they won’t listen.

The chairman of the union came and flattered me. I like it. This honor is not available in the city. People of one house in the city do not know the people of another house. So every Eid I come to the village with my wife. I came in the morning and left in the afternoon. In the evening we have a party in Dhaka.

My dear brother Ratan is a brilliant student. doctor But in the village itself. It seems very childish to me. How many people talk about policies, but do they really talk about such policies? Is he able to educate his children in real education? Are there facilities in the village? There is no money, no means of pleasure, no adequate opportunities. He laughs when he tells Ratan.

My wife did not come with me to the village this Eid. He doesn’t like his village that much. He prefers to travel abroad. I didn’t force him either. There’s no point in forcing something he doesn’t enjoy.

I love my mother’s handmade khichuri beef. After taking care of everyone in the village, in this house, in that house, having some breakfast and water, in the afternoon I feel the nectar of my mother’s hands. Mother sat with me and fed me.

I cannot hide the pain in my heart.

I told my mother

Mom, I don’t understand one thing. You wear a saree given by Ratan every Eid. Don’t you like the saree I gave you? Then tell me I would have brought some sarees of other designs for you.

Mom looked at me and sighed

Did you notice that? I thought you didn’t notice.

No, mother, I take care every Eid. I wonder if you are wearing my saree with great interest? But you don’t wear my saree. What is the reason mother? Are you with Ratan? Has Ratan or his wife ever said anything?

no father no They never said anything. Baba Swapan You have been very successful in life. You work in a very high position. you have a lot of money Ali-san is your home in Dhaka city. My wife, my grandson, granddaughter are always traveling abroad. I see your beautiful pictures on Facebook. You help a lot of people in the village. Give me, Ratan’s family many gifts, send money. You have many names, many reputations. You have the power to help people.

Mom, I’m big and Ratan big, you wear his saree?

No father neither. Actually you are so rich. But everyone knows you take bribes. The source of your wealth is bribery. You help the village a lot, give a lot of money. But everyone secretly calls you a bribe taker. Father, this comes to my ears. I feel very sad, I feel pain. But I know you won’t change my words. You, my wife, mother, grandchildren have got used to this life. Do you remember father, your father was also an engineer. But did we live a normal life. But we had a different kind of complacency. Are you happy with little things? Your brother Ratan got that role. Lives in the village. People live among people. You don’t know Baba Ratan takes care of me a lot. My eid moon gazing is so fond that every moon night takes me to the open space by the pond. We all look at the Eid moon together. Ratan cooks khichuri and chicken gila, liver on moon night. What kind of nectar does it take, father? Ratan cannot help people like you. But seeing this, Khadija’s son-in-law has been sold in the market. Ranu’s brother got a job in the hospital. These people have become part of our family.

I am looking at my mother.

Mom says

Your father never condoned bribery and corruption. You are a very successful father in society’s eyes. Your victory is everywhere. But every Eid I wear a cheap saree bought with Ratan’s hard work money. Your father did not allow bribery and corruption to win. How can I let him win by being his wife.

I said goodbye to my mother and got into the car. The car is passing through the village road. In the distance, I can see Ratan, his wife, children and my mother going from village to village in two rickshaws. Are they laughing heartily?

Suddenly I feel so defeated. I myself am unhappy all the time. My wife Ratna tried to commit suicide twice. The doctor said he was suffering from severe depression. Despite traveling to different countries, he is deeply depressed. My son is a drug addict. My daughter ran away with her boyfriend and came back. No one knows that I myself take anti-depressants.

I have the chairman of the union in the car with me.

He is saying

Brother, you are victorious all around.

I let out a sigh

Today I know that I am the biggest loser in the world.

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