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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with the Prime Minister of New Zealand Chris Hipkins

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On the eve of His Majesty King Charles III’s coronation on May 6, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins. The leaders mentioned that New Zealand and Canada have been Commonwealth members for a long time.

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Canada and New Zealand’s close friendship and strong collaboration were reiterated by the prime ministers. They talked about ways to combat violent extremism and promote peace and security, both of which could help strengthen the relationship even further. They discussed the significance of dependable supply chains and advancing trade in a way that is beneficial to everyone. In addition, the prime ministers discussed moving forward with genuine reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

The leaders discussed the need to keep fighting against climate change. They talked about the work they both do to advance clean technology and get to net-zero. When it comes to dealing with the effects of extreme weather, the leaders also emphasized the necessity of both adaptation and mitigation.

Top state leader Trudeau highlighted the significance of New Zealand as an accomplice and partner in the Indo-Pacific locale and on the worldwide stage. The prime ministers talked about how many of their international partners face the same problems caused by foreign interference and how important it is to keep working together to stop it.

Top state leader Trudeau and State leader Hipkins consented to continue to work intently together to address normal interests and difficulties in the Indo-Pacific area and all over the planet.

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