Thursday, May 30, 2024

Ontario and Indigenous Leaders Work Together to Protect the Great Lakes

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Province investing in projects supporting Indigenous communities and youth to improve the health of the Great Lakes

In order to aid in the preservation and restoration of the Great Lakes, the government of Ontario is contributing nearly one million dollars to projects led by Indigenous people and expanding its collaboration with Indigenous youth and organizations.

David Piccini, Clergyman of the Climate, Protection and Parks, made the declaration today at the seventh yearly gathering of the Incomparable Lakes Watchmen’s Chamber, which Ontario co-led with Anishinabek Country.

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Minister Piccini stated, “Our government is proud to support Indigenous-led projects that are engaging First Nations youth to help protect the Thames River and make it safer for local First Nations and Métis communities to eat fish along the northern shores of Lake Superior.” We will continue to support the well-being of communities that rely on the Great Lakes now and in the future by working together to preserve, restore, and protect their health.

A total of $150,000 will be given to six First Nations communities to oversee projects that will teach young people how to preserve, restore, and protect the Thames River’s health.

In the Lake Superior Basin, one Métis community and four First Nations community projects will receive a total of $66,500 to lead projects that will provide crucial data for assessing concerns about fish consumption in Lake Superior’s Areas of Concern.

To enable First Nations and Métis communities to take a more active and collaborative role in the design, development, and implementation of Great Lakes protection and restoration efforts, the Métis Nation of Ontario, Chiefs of Ontario, and Anishinabek Nation will receive $780,400 in funding. In addition, these 14 projects will help fulfill obligations outlined in Ontario’s Great Lakes Strategy and the Canada-Ontario Agreement on Great Lakes.

“We esteem the conclusions and mastery of Native associations, and we are making a move so youth contribution will prompt better and more secure lakes,” said Greg Rickford, Clergyman of Native Issues. ” By making interests in Native drove projects that are equipped towards safeguarding the Incomparable Lakes, our administration is guaranteeing their honesty while expanding Native financial cooperation.”

The funding is one component of the $14 million in annual investments made by the Ontario government to support the health of the Great Lakes and the well-being of communities that depend on them.

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