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Does the drug addiction of the mother affect the pregnant child?

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After going to Belayat office in the morning Amira took the children to the day care downstairs and got busy with housework

After going to Belayat office in the morning, Amira took the children to the day care downstairs and got busy with housework. Belayet calls, very rudely says, ‘Remember last night? I want you like that every day.’ Amira can’t remember exactly what happened last night. All she remembers is that Belayet bought her a bikini set after marriage, which was so transparent and tight that Amira never agreed to wear it out of shame. But when he woke up today, he found Belayet had sent him several pictures wearing that bikini set! He can’t believe his eyes. How did he smile and pose wearing those obscene things? Amira himself can not believe his eyes! Belayet said from the other side, today I will bring another new set for you, be ready. This is how misty-sweet times passed. Dreamy Amira felt that maybe everything will be like before, her belayet will love her like before. These days, after dinner, Amira takes the children to bed at seven o’clock in the evening. After they fell asleep, he quietly came up and sat next to Belayat. By that time Belayet was drinking alone while working on the computer. He shuts down the computer as Amira sits next to him, he wants to enjoy this time to the fullest with Amira, to go back to those first years of first love. They were teenagers studying in the same school. Amira is in class six, and Belayt is in ten. Both of them live in the same building in the same neighborhood. Amira lived on the second floor, and Belayet was on the third floor of the front house. They could see each other if they stood on the balcony facing each other. Belayet would come to the balcony early in the morning after waking up, and would wait to say good morning to Belay. In the morning, she used to go to the balcony to silently say good morning to Belayet in sign language, avoiding the eyes of her parents and siblings. If he ever missed, he would not stop the action!

Be that as it may, every evening these days they sat side by side drinking and talking, loving, close, their wonderful four months passed. Then suddenly one morning while making breakfast, Amira’s head started spinning. As if these days, Amir’s head starts to tingle quite often. Nothing in the mouth, feeling nauseous again and again. Despite all the symptoms, Amira could not recall any careless night when it happened. Belayt was right to notice the changes and he knew rightly that it was the result of Amira’s first night of drunken madness, the day after the first drink that Amira had passed out. As Belayet takes Amira to the doctor, the doctor says that Amira is pregnant. Amira was bound by the doctor several rules. But, by that time, Amira was completely addicted to alcohol and smoking. He can’t overcome it at all. Although he kept himself drug-free in front of Belayat, he continued his drug use behind Belayat’s cover. Amira gradually lost weight and became convulsed, the day of delivery soon approached.

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In the month before the delivery, the doctor told by ultrasonography that there is something wrong with the baby, but at this stage there is no choice but to accept him as such. The doctor informed her that there was a high possibility that the baby would be born with birth defects. Besides, by observing all the symptoms and the child’s movements, etc., he feels that there is a possibility that the child may have one or more problems such as impaired growth, birth defect, and altered brain development, etc., as a result of the parents’ drug addiction. Also, in some cases, drug addiction during pregnancy can lead to various complications in the unborn child such as breathing difficulties, brain damage, low birth weight, small head, lack of proper muscle control, learning difficulties, eating difficulties, etc. Also, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, regular drug use during pregnancy can cause NAS (neonatal abstinence syndrome) or SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) in the fetus. Also, according to the National Library of Medicine, drug use by the mother during pregnancy can also cause FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum syndrome) in the baby.

After returning from the doctor, Belayet and Amira’s sleep is haram due to depression. Amira just keeps crying, helpless and unable to find the words to comfort her, she feels very guilty, she burns and dies in the torment of conscience. Amira spends sleepless nights, cowering in fear. After three days, almost a month earlier, Ameera was delivered. But this beautiful, doll-like girl, though pre-mature, doesn’t seem troubled at all. Happy parents and friends. Elin grew up day by day. Bhishan looks like a living doll to Elin. And he learns everything faster than the other two siblings. Amira’s fear is gradually disappearing, she does not see any abnormality! Sometimes, however, the words of the doctor move in my mind. Elin is now eleven months old. Looking like a barbiddle, he shakes Elin’s golden hair and designs the Sohagi girl’s hair! Elin danced while standing in the mirror, and after a while ran up and kissed Amira on the cheek. Amira is very happy with this girl. After bringing the older two to school, Amira spends most of her time with Elin.

Amira and Amina have been planning the whole day for Amira’s upcoming first birthday. Suddenly Elin’s screams go into the next room and see Elin standing in front of the mirror crying. What a cry! She doesn’t stop crying. Amira is silent as she takes it in her arms. As soon as I went down, I cried again. Amira started planning the party with her sister while being forced to hold her in her lap.

Amina says to her sister, ‘I remember, Musa and Maher but before their first birthday they called you ‘Ammi’ and me ‘Khammi’. But they used to call Dulavhai ‘Abba’ then, and say eight or ten other words, but Elin hasn’t uttered a single word all day today!’I think you should see her to a doctor. You worry so much about Maher, but why don’t you think about Elin?

As soon as this was over, Elin burst out laughing as if she understood everything. Both of them forgot the context of the conversation for a moment in Elin’s mind-blowing smile. As soon as she remembered, Amira said, ‘But, he is very smart! When I say, bring the comb! Elin was the first to run to get the comb even though the other two were drunk on the game…’.
Amira says seriously, ‘Apu, don’t get the cost. That still doesn’t tell me anything. Please go to a professional and get some help.’ When Belayet returned home at night, the two discussed the matter and agreed on this. After two days, Elin was brought to the family doctor. After several tests, the doctor doubts Elin’s normality, suspecting that Elin has some sort of developmental delay. However, he referred Elin to a child psychologist as he was not an expert in this matter. The child psychologist first examines and measures Ellen’s psychological, intellectual, cognitive, and behavioral issues. And to do this, he chooses various intervention methods, such as psychotherapy (many in this country call this method talk therapy), and behavior management methods. After the examination, the psychologist said that, unfortunately, it is true that there are three main signs of autism in Elin, such as ‘Delayed milestones’, ‘A socially awkward child’, and ‘The child who has trouble with verbal and nonverbal communication.’

Autistic children may have a number of other symptoms, according to the NHS. For example, not responding when someone calls your name, avoiding eye-contact, laughing about something in front of him, not joining in his laughter, being disgusted by any taste, smell, sound, or pointing fingers, shaking hands, or Shaking the body excitedly, not talking like other children, saying the same word or phrase over and over, etc.

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