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Hobbiton Village

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Looking at the beautiful pictures it may seem like a cave made by people hundreds of years ago

Looking at the beautiful pictures, it may seem like a cave made by people hundreds of years ago. Yes, it is a man made cave but it is not a very long time ago structure. It is called Hobbiton Village (Hobbiton Village) or the movie set of Hobbiton. Hobbiton Village is located in Waikato, New Zealand. A movie set created by famous film director Peter Jackson. It is now a very popular tourist attraction.

The movie set of Hobbiton was built in a very important area. It was used for the filming of “The Lord of the Rings” film trilogy and The Hobbiton film series. This set was made from a family farm run by the Alexander family. The farm was located 8 km west of Hinuera and 10 km south west of Matamata. The Alexander family came to this 1200 acre grassland in 1978. Since then the land has been a sheep and cow-calf farm. There were then 13,000 sheep and 300 Angus beef cattle. The main income of this farm was from sheep and beef and wool.

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When Peter Jackson was looking for a convenient location to make his famous movie The Lord of the Rings film trilogy series, he found this Alexander family farm. To him this place seemed like old England in a chill. After an agreement with the Alexander family, a part of the farm was converted into a well-equipped cave in 1999.

The New Zealand Army brought in heavy machinery to build a 1.5 km road that was to be connected to the nearby highway. After that 37 holes were made which were later converted into well-equipped caves. After that, wild bushes and gardens were created there as described in the movie. A bridge, a mill and a tavern were built. Generators are installed for electricity. Swarage is arranged. Panshala and milled rice are made from wild grasses grown on the farm.

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