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Last week our friend Dr Mamuns elder daughter Munmun died in a road accident in Calgary her funeral was held today on Akram Friday

When I get the news, late at night,
I remember the face of my two daughters!
They also went their separate ways.
One lives in the city, the other in the neighborhood.
Others are far away!
Forbidding to inquire further, angrily,
How many times for no reason?
No anger, no shame,
They are running in a strange busyness;
We are running!
Running from birth;
Leave it to him,
Eating or not, watching the road,
Running in search of some forbidden fruit;
Who knows!
In many busy days,
Or depression
Stay away from news, so
I never get the morning news
In the evening, sometimes in the middle of the night!
He died at dawn—
When I get the news, late at night,
Twists in the chest—
Whose daughter are you? Are you busy?
I ran like my daughters?
It was getting late to catch the morning class!
So I wanted to shorten the path?
Or fate was pulling you
There, to cut your life short,
To end your busyness
sent by the messenger,
How strange!
On a quiet street of twenty-fourth avenue
Cars don’t move much in the morning.
Bystanders who, known or unknown,
Say hi or hello
To each destination; Only that time
Your destination changes, as all busy,
How much noise, how much pride, how many pride,
All come and stand, and
A book of dreams, along with as many memories,
Pulled everything with the end!
Did you understand this?
Who was more remembered?
Father, mother, or younger sister!
Or a friend?
I really wanted to hold someone’s hand,
And the last thing to say—
A life that ends in death,
I did not want such a life! But see what is inexhaustible
Unsurprisingly, with this ending,
I have walked so far for twenty-one years!

[Last week our friend Dr. Mamun’s elder daughter Munmun died in a road accident in Calgary, her funeral was held today on Akram Friday. Studying in third year at University of Calgary, father in Saudi Arabia, mother in the country. He came into the world with a short life of only twenty one years. His body will reach the country next week. Everyone will pray for the girl]

Calgary, Canada

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