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How to avoid kids stress when moving

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Moving can be stressful for children because it disrupts the child’s normal daily routine. In addition, the child will have to leave his usual environment – neighborhood, school, friends. To make the moving process easier for your child, try the following strategies.

Prepare your children mentally

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Tell your children about the move in advance and explain the reasons for it. Answer all your children’s questions honestly, encourage them to express their feelings, and try to answer their concerns. If possible, involve them in the decision-making process.

A good solution would be to emphasize the positive aspects of the move: perhaps the children will quickly make new friends in a new place, or they will be able to gain new experiences, or they will have interesting new opportunities.

Prepare for a new place

If you are changing schools, contact your new school in advance to arrange a tour and meet teachers and staff. Ensure a smooth academic transition. Also, if possible, visit the new home or area before moving so that children become familiar with their new surroundings. This will make the new area a more familiar place for children, and they will not be afraid to leave for the unknown.

Packing together

Involve children in the packing process. Let them pack their things and make it a fun and exciting activity. This gives them a feeling of control over the situation. If you want to save time on packing other things, look here for a moving company.

Maintain a daily routine

Try to maintain as much of your children’s routine as possible, especially in the weeks leading up to the move, giving them a sense of stability.

Say goodbye

Let your children say goodbye to friends, neighbors and teachers properly. If possible, organize a farewell meeting.

Create a book of memories

Create a memory book or scrapbook with your children that includes photos, mementos, and stories about their old home and friends. This book can help them remember and cherish their past experiences.

Unpack familiar items first

When you arrive at your new home, first unpack your children’s belongings and set up their rooms. Having familiar things nearby can provide a feeling of security.

Explore new territory together

Take time to explore a new area with your children. Visit local parks, restaurants and attractions. This helps them become familiar with the new environment.

Encourage friendship

Help your children make new friends by encouraging them to participate in local events, clubs or sports. Go on dates or outings with potential new friends.

Listen and validate feelings

Be a supportive listener. Allow your children to express their feelings, positive or negative, and validate their emotions. Let them know that it is normal to feel sad or afraid.

Ensure safety

Remind your children that you are here to protect and care for them. Reassure them of their safety and well-being in the new environment.

If your child’s stress persists and becomes overwhelming, consider seeking help from a child psychologist or counselor who specializes in helping children cope with the stress of moving.

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