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Civic Memorial: A Milestone

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The city was stunned after the death of poet Asad Chowdhury at Lake Ridge Hospital in Ashwaha Canada on October 5 this year

Another time such a heart-warming and heart-warming event took place in this city. Dolly Begum united people in one voice, one line, one goal. Forgetting religion, caste, party affiliation, the expatriate people of Bangladesh had only one name – Dolly Begum, Dolly Begum, Dolly Begum.
On October 5 this year, the city was stunned after the death of poet Asad Chowdhury at Lake Ridge Hospital in Ashwaha, Canada. Day after day was significant in grief. In fact, the poet Asad Chowdhury spoke about trust, respect and love for people through various works. This love was so fluent and pure that whoever came near him, regardless of caste, creed, and virtue, he lifted up to himself. sat next to He gave the right to care like a friend, love like a child, relatives like a relative. Selflessly, he practiced the initiation of love mantra throughout his life. He has opened the container of great life and spread love on the path of various paths.

Naturally, many people of this city wanted to show their love and respect to the memory of the poet As a result, countless people flocked to organize civic memorials. Countless people have been connected with the city of Toronto from a distance in this organization of the civic memorial meeting with the city of Toronto in meaning, meaning, action, good wishes. Then on November 5, poet Asad Chowdhury was showered with utmost respect and deep love at the civic memorial meeting in Toronto. Along with that, a history was written in the city. The incident is unprecedented. This has not happened before. Irrespective of religion, caste, such a combination of Bengalis is not seen anywhere. I believe the Toronto Bengals will be remembered for ages for making the impossible possible. People from all walks of life of Toronto’s Bangladeshi community gathered to pay tribute to the memory of the poet. Leaders from different walks of life including poets, writers, musicians, dancers, painters, dramatists, orators, film personalities, journalists, politicians were present. A collective event, a public initiative, a truly civic commemoration.

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The program started with the welcome speech by Ahmed Hossain and Delwar Elahi, the joint coordinators of the civic commemoration at 4:30 pm at Milyaton of the local St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School in the city.

After paying respects to the late poet by observing a minute of silence conducted by Farhana Pallab, prayers were read from various scriptures and prayers were sought for the soul of the late poet. In this episode, Shyamal Bhattacharya read and prayed from the Holy Gita, Apoorva Barua from the Holy Tripitaka, Mau Heimanti Koraiya from the Holy Bible and Shamser Ali Helal from the Holy Quran.

After reading and praying from various scriptures, Tapan Syed, Shahid Khondkar Tuku, Nahid Kabir Kakali, Mamtaz Mamta, Farhana Shanta, Maitreyi Devi, Shikha Akhtari Ahmad and Shafiq Ahmed performed the opening music of the civic memorial meeting. After the opening music, the favorite artists of the cultural arena of this city participated in the music composed on two poems of the poet Asad Chowdhury. Countless artists participated in the rehearsals with great enthusiasm under the direction of Tanjir Alam Rajeev and Farhana Shanta to sing these two songs together. When this song was performed by the artistes at the memorial service, the audience enjoyed it with great enthusiasm. Syeda Rokhsana Begum, Sangeeta Mukherjee, Sumi Burman, Elora Barua, Bindu Chowdhury, Anushree Barua, Munira Sultana Milli, Suman Syed, Suman Malik, Aruna Haider, Farida Haque, Shaheen Mahbubur Rahman, Zulfia Ahmed Intu sang these two songs written by the poet. , Maitreyi Devi, Eva Nag, Shyamal Mahmud, Ashraful Bari Manju, Rifat Noor Shanta, Mamtaz Mamta, Farhana Shanta, Gauri Das, Sabrina Sabrina, Archana Saha, Jhumpa Chakraborty, Anant Nirjhar, Tanzeer Alam Rajeev, Zahid Hossain, Farhana Khan Tina, Shirin Chowdhury, Sohana Amin, Fiona Serin, Vidita and Nuzhat. Two songs were played by Zahid Hossain, Tanjir Alam Rajeev and Roni Palmer.

After the performance of two songs written by the poet, the poetry reading session written by the poet Asad Chowdhury began. This episode was hosted by Flora Succi de Rosario. In the beginning poet Asad Chowdhury: Poet Tushar Gayen discusses his time and poetry.

After the discussion, the members of Bachnik recited poet Asad Chowdhury’s popular poem ‘Nadir Jle Agun Chila’. Sultana Haider, Aruna Haider, Biplab Kar and Tapas Dev participated in group dance along with recitation of this poem.

Then one by one, Farhana Ahmed, Jacqueline De Rosario, Asma Haque, Anurag Ahmed, Flora Nasreen Eva, Elina Mita, Suman Malik, Munira Sultana Milli, Najma Kazi, Anisa Rashid Lucky, Rasheda Munir, Shekhar Gomez, Mary Rashedin, Mehrab Rahman and Liza Ghalib.

Poet’s son-in-law and award-winning filmmaker Nadeem Iqbal created a collage of stills from different periods of the poet’s life and displayed it at the memorial.

After the recital, the commemoration of the poet began. This episode was hosted by Selina Siddiqui Shushu and Ahmed Hossain. Commemoration was done by poet Dilara Hafiz, president of the National Remembrance Meeting, Dr. Taslimur Rahman, Nasir Uddoza, Amin Mia, Enayet Karim Babul, Kavi Patni Sahana Chowdhury, Nowsher Ali, Asma Ahmed, Minara Begum, Himadri Roy, Monir Zaman Raju, Reza Aniruddha, Farida Rahman, Hasan Mahmud, Tasrina Shikha, Jahanara Akhtar, Sumon Rahman, Mahbub Chowdhury Roni, Nazrul Minto, Manzoor E Khoda Torik, Shahidul Islam Mintu, Faizul Karim, Itteza Ahmed Tipu, Sumon Syed, Dr. Badal Ghosh, Golam Mostafa, Monir Hossain Babu, Ashraf Ali, Farida Haque and poet Tanaya Nusrat Jahan Chowdhury Shaoli etc.

Finally, the members of the poet’s family came to the stage. This time family members Sahana Chowdhury, Ashek Waheed Chowdhury Asif, Sharmin Sharif, Nusrat Jahan Chowdhury Shaoli, Zarif Chowdhury, Nadeem Iqbal, Ananya Chowdhury, Mishti and Ryan were present on stage. After expressing thanks from the family, the program ended with son Asif Chowdhury’s song on his father’s birthday.

The entire event was videotaped by Rashed Shawon. Kamran Karim captured the stills. Masum Rahman designed a beautiful poster by carving the banner and lines of the poet’s poetry from the paintings of the brave freedom fighter, lyricist and artist Tajul Imam. Monis Rafique kept a thorough account of the financial support of countless people. After the poet’s death, special magazines were published in his memory – Saptahik Bangla Kagaz and Saptahik Bangla Mail.

Nabiul Haque Bablu, Mahbub Chowdhury Roni, Jaglul Azim Rana, Arian Haque, Haji Salim, Sakil Ahmed, Ishaat Ara Meruna, Bindu Chowdhury, Maitreyi Devi, Hosne Ara Jamie, Sayeda Fatema, Pratima Sarkar, Enayet Karim Babul and others were in charge of the entertainment.
Faizul Karim, Suman Syed, Nowsher Ali, Farhana Shanta, Mary Rashedin, Hosne Ara Jamie, Ishaat Ara Meruna, Maitreyi Devi, Bindu Chowdhury, Pratima Sarkar, Syeda Rokhsana Begum, Sayeda Fatema, Mumtaz Mamata, Shikha Akhtari Ahmad, Munira Sultana were present at the reception. Milli, Asma Haque, Sharmin Sharif and others at the reception.

Innumerable volunteers devoted themselves tirelessly to make the event a success by volunteering in various ways.

With the full support of the Citizens Memorial, the Toronto Film Forum, Suman Syed, Masum Rahman, Abhinn Azad, Abhay Azad, Himadri Roy, Aryan Haque and countless people in the city of Toronto.

Poet Dilara Hafiz presided over the civic memorial service. Ahmed Hossain and Delwar Elahi in joint coordination and writing.

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