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How to avoid chapped lips in winter?

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Chapped lips are a normal occurrence in winter During this time the skin of the lips is dry As a result chapped lips are seen

Chapped lips are a normal occurrence in winter. During this time the skin of the lips is dry. As a result, chapped lips are seen.

How to avoid chapped lips in winter season?

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1) Don’t put your tongue on your lips repeatedly. It robs your lips of moisture and makes them dry. Moreover, salvia contains enzymes for food digestion. But it causes discomfort when it comes in contact with the lips.

2) Do not use any lip balm that contains ingredients like camphor, eucalyptus and menthol. Such ingredients dry out the lips and worsen the condition of the lips.

3) If chapped lips are not taken care of, the risk of infection increases from here. So take care of your lips before winter. Lips dry out faster than other parts of the skin. So apply lip balm in the morning and afternoon.

4) Use a lip balm that contains petroleum gel, essential oil or glycerin. All these ingredients will provide long lasting protection to your lips. It will also maintain the moisture of the lips.

5) Do not forget to apply sunscreen on the lips. Apply sunscreen to your lips daily. It can keep the lips pink forever.

6) Do not get too much water during winter. But to protect lips from dryness, you need to stay hydrated. Only then can you prevent the problem of chapped lips.

7) Healthy diet is also important in maintaining the beauty of lips. Keep foods rich in vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. In particular, vitamin A plays a special role in the formation of healthy lips.

8) It is important to remove dead cells from the lips. Only then, lips will remain soft and supple even in dry weather. Exfoliate lips at regular intervals. Mix some honey with sugar and rub it on the lips. Do not press too hard. Then wash your lips with lukewarm water. Then definitely apply lip balm. It can easily avoid the problem of chapped lips.

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