Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Goodbye to Dubai

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Burj Al Khalifa Burj Al Arab Marina 101 Princess Tower 23 nothing happened in Dubai frame just seen from far away

I’m going to the airport in the morning. It is raining slowly. There was a lot of things seen in two days, and many things remained.

I saw the largest artificial island in human history Palm Zumerah but the Palm Jabel Ali and Palm Deira were not seen.

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Burj Al Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Marina 101, Princess Tower, 23, nothing happened in Dubai frame, just seen from far away. I heard it’s very exciting to get up in Dubai frame. A lot of things remained left over the Burj Al Khalifa, scuba diving, sky diving. Not all people’s will is fulfilled.

In 1968, there were only 13 cars in Dubai. With time, Dubai has become a car city today. When you see the car assembling in Dubai, the head turns. Million Dollar Cost Car Spread. No one can imagine such a car in a country like us.

Many think Dubai is going to go to oil money, but it’s wrong idea. Although the city is traveling in oil money, now only 5% of the oil contribution in the budget. Most of the rest comes from tourism. And the courageous plan to earn from this sector was made by the then Dubai ruler Amir Al Maktoum.

Forty years ago, where there was a small area of fishermen, Dubai has been built in that region today. I’ll come back to see this city grows again one day. This amazing erection of Dubai is not just for seeing amazing activities that are pushing repeatedly like an unknown mystery picture.

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