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Has Masud Rana become MR Nine?

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In the movie Masood Rana teams up with a CIA operative led by a businessman to destroy an international criminal organization

Almost all of us know about Kazi Anwar Hossain’s novel Masood Rana. Bikshyat’s novel was brought to the cinema screen by Hollywood and Bangladeshi production company Jazz Multimedia. So how was this movie with a budget of more than 80 crore rupees? Masud Rana is a very familiar name to those who have read books. Besides, many people are very emotionally connected with the character of Masood Rana. The movie “MR-9: Do or Die” is based on popular detective series “Dhwanspahar” by Masood Rana.

In the movie, Masood Rana teams up with a CIA operative led by a businessman to destroy an international criminal organization.

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Here ABM Suman played the role of Masood Rana and opposite him was Indian actress Sakshi Pradhan. Shahidul Alam Sacchu, Anisur Rahman Milan, Jessia Islam and Tiger Ravi have also acted among the Bangladeshis. And Hollywood actors starring Frank Grillo, Michael Jai White, Nico Foster and India’s Omi Vaidya.

Everything was perfect in terms of cinematography. It can be said that another new horizon of Bangladeshi cinema has been opened through this movie. The movie locations were fantastic. Also the background music is wow.

Our native actors have managed to present themselves very well in keeping with the actors of other countries. Especially ABM Suman. He did not at all feel that this was his first time in the international arena. His rough and tough look, body language was super. But it can be assumed that Suman could have given better output if he got more space in the screenplay. Also those who were in other roles are also acting fluently.

And the movie was extraordinary in terms of special action.

Finally, bringing a popular book character to life is quite a challenge. Because one reader’s imagination is different. And everyone creates their favorite character in the most beautiful way in their imagination. Many people don’t like it when others present it in a different way. But the real taste of the movie can be found only if these thoughts are left out and considered naturally. And for that thought Masood Rana can be given a pass mark.

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