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Government of Yukon and Kluane First Nation celebrate Kêts’ádań Kų̀ site clearing with school community

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Jeanie McLean, Deputy Premier and Minister of Education, Bob Dickson, Chief of Kluane First Nation, and Nils Clarke, Minister of Highways and Public Works, attended a community celebration on May 31 in Burwash Landing to mark the selection of the site for the Kêts’áda K school construction project.

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As part of the day’s festivities, current Kluane Lake School students contributed to a time capsule that will be buried on the school grounds during future construction.

The community gathered to commemorate the partnership between the governments of Canada, Yukon, and Kluane First Nation as the current school year came to an end and the trees on the future construction site were cleared. This cooperative organization is proceeding to move the Kêts’ádań Kų̀ school project forward, which will better serve youngsters and families locally long into the future.

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