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A memorable race

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Abel Mutai was running for Kenya Was running very well leaving everyone behind and almost reached the last lap

Abel Mutai was running for Kenya. Was running very well, leaving everyone behind and almost reached the last lap.

Spanish athlete Ivan Fernandez is following behind him.

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Abel Mutai got confused just before the finish line, he didn’t understand the finish line and thought he had won and slowed down the race…!!

Ivan Fernandez, a Spanish athlete behind him, sensed Abel Mutai’s confusion, and immediately started shouting at Abel in Spanish, “The race is not over, you keep running…!!

Abel became more confused as he did not understand the Spanish language. Evan realizes there is no other way… He gets close to Abel and somehow pushes him and crosses the victory line to win Abel Mutai K…!!

Ivan was surrounded by reporters after the race. The only question is, why did you do this..??

Ivan Fernandez said, I want a social world where we all help everyone.

Journalists are not satisfied with this answer, the journalist asks, but why did you win him instead of winning..??

Ivan Fernandez said I didn’t deserve the win, I only helped him. And what will I get with such a victory, a medal…?

Where there is no morality…

My mother didn’t teach me that…

Reading the story gave a different feeling…

Our family-society, our education-culture only teaches us to win and never teaches anyone to win.

We just need to win.

Need to be successful

Be that as it may, by any means.

Winning someone can also be winning.

There can also be success in helping someone.

They are never in our education

we don’t care

Why not…!!

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