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Asking for a meal bill in Wayne Sound, Canada

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Sharif Rahman the 44 year old Bangladeshi owner of Wayne Sound restaurant who was seriously injured in a beating outside the restaurant over a dispute over the dining bill has died in a London hospital

Restaurant owner Sharif Rahman was beaten to death for asking for a food bill in Wayne Sound, Canada.

Sharif Rahman, the 44-year-old Bangladeshi owner of Wayne Sound restaurant, who was seriously injured in a beating outside the restaurant over a dispute over the dining bill, died in a London hospital.

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On August 17, Rahman was attacked by three miscreants when he left without paying the bill after eating at his restaurant The Curry House in the city centre.

According to the police, Rahman and his nephew got into an argument with the suspects over the outstanding bill on the pavement outside the restaurant. Rahman was rushed to hospital with serious injuries, where he was put on life support.

Mark Barbosa, a local realtor and family friend, told CBC London Friday morning that Sharif Rahman, a kind man who always had a smile on his face, lived a peaceful, humble life.

She helped anyone with anything and cooked for the homeless in her kitchen. He always gave help to his community and so such an incident is unthinkable with such a peaceful person.

Sharif Rahman is survived by his brother, a nephew who works in a restaurant, wife and six-year-old daughter.

Our Bangladeshi community should not remain silent on this incident. We spend millions of dollars on entertainment, now is the time to show our unity. If nothing else, we should visit the spot and pay our respects to his departed soul. Let the Canadian politicians and administration know that we stand united and insist that the perpetrators be immediately arrested and punished with exemplary punishment.

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