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A variety of programs for senior citizens in Toronto

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There are a number of non profit organizations here in Toronto that offer a variety of programs for senior citizens

A thought has been troubling the mind for days. When the youth of man departs from his body then there is nothing to do? Just waiting for death! A few days ago I saw the film “Gandi” starring Subarna Mustafa and famous Indian actor Sabyasachi Chakraborty. Friendship between two dangerous people. Both are discreet personalities, both are loners. Their children have left them and migrated abroad.

On doctor’s advice, they took separate rooms in a hotel in Cox’s Bazar to overcome the illness. Incidentally, the scene of their visit to Cox’s Bazar reached children abroad. The children of both came to the country and sat to judge the parents. Naturally, their family turmoil started. In the film, the sad old hero says to the doctor, “Is there nothing for us to do, is there only waiting for death?”

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It is not my intention to justify the hero-heroine incident of Gondi film. My point is about these lonely people. These days we are shouting about parents staying in old age homes. I don’t know if they go there and find a partner to talk to.

But as far as I know people live with extreme loneliness even after living in a house with children. Nothing to do for them? I know a lonely man whose children don’t have time to talk to him. They feel free to roam in the world of their choice. One of them, laughing at the lonely father, said, “Dad, how much would you pay me an hour if I talked to you?”

There are a number of non-profit organizations here in Toronto that offer a variety of programs for senior citizens. Some are coloring pictures with crayon colors, some are making garlands with puthi, some are matching blocks. These once mighty men with a lot of experience are now playing like children. I don’t know if this is the right way to keep them well and healthy.

I don’t know if they are well, but I applaud those who have taken this initiative. At least they want to do something. After that I felt that something more, something different should be done for these lonely people.

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