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60% elected MPs are businessmen

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60 of elected MPs in Parliament are businessmen

According to a news channel, 60% of the elected MPs in Bangladesh are businessmen.

And the remaining 40% of MPs are politicians from the grassroots of a party, not even that. The percentage of MPs rising from the Trinamool is very negligible.

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So the question is, what can people expect from such a parliament?

Businessmen want to spend huge money to become an MP in Parliament because he can get many times the money he spends if he becomes an MP and stays under the umbrella of power.

Are businessmen able to understand people’s expectations?

As a grassroots politician can understand the hopes and aspirations of the people in his area, can a businessman understand the same way?

Naturally, the answer to this question is “no”.

If an MP who will be the representative of the people does not understand the problems of the people, what is the point of being an MP?

To understand the language of the people, one must have a pulse relationship with the people. No one can become a public representative if he is driven only by money and prestige.

Some cruel truths are happening in Bangladesh, there is no guarantee that anyone from the grassroots will actually be a candidate in the elections. Again, those who are far away from the Trinamool, those who have no affiliation with the party, have a good guarantee of getting candidacy in the election only because of their money and prestige.

It can be seen that many good leaders who have been doing politics from the grass root level, who have sacrificed a lot for the party, some may have spent most of their lives only to be elected and become public representatives one day, their expectations are not fulfilled, the dreams of their whole lives are shattered. Money goes to finance.

As a result, good, competent and honest people are now turning away from politics. They have started to think, what is the point of sacrificing life for politics? In this world, we have no value, no evaluation. Rather, those who have money and prestige are flying and occupying our places, they have value, they are valued.

No party in Bangladesh accepts these damages of politics. But the damage that has already been done is not repairable.

These days even developed and well-civilized countries are witnessing such trends. Many are getting party nominations without being associated with politics or Trinamool.

This should not happen, should not happen. But still happening.

In all these civilized developed countries, are 60% of parliament elected MP, MPP businessmen?

I don’t have any statistics on this. But I can guess, it should not be so much like Bangladesh. Maybe they do it with limits.

Be that as it may, my point is that politicians will do politics. Of course they have to do politics with the people and come to the leadership of the party. Let the days of flying come to an end.

Put politics back in the hands of real politicians.

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