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Women suffer from depression more than men, but why?

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The deep connection between physical and mental health has already been proven in various studies However a recent study revealed that women suffer from depression more than men

The deep connection between physical and mental health has already been proven in various studies. However, a recent study revealed that women suffer from depression more than men.

What is the reason for this? Understanding of personal life, complexity of relationships, handling both home and office leads to physical fatigue. That fatigue sometimes attacks the mind.

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However, the reason for depression in women is not only the turmoil of personal life. Many problems occur inside the body as well, due to which depression strikes. It is important to be aware of them. What are the reasons for depression in women?

Women stop menstruating after a certain age. With menopause, the supply of good hormones secreted in the female body stops. About 20 percent of women become depressed after menopause.

At this time, the level of estrogen in the body is very low. Secretion of serotonin, known as the feel-good hormone, is also stopped. As a result, besides physical fatigue, women also become mentally weak.

Doctors suggest hormone replacement therapy to take care of the mind at this time. Which helps to increase the level of estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body.

Winter Depression:
Many people know winter depression as ‘Winter Blues’. According to the survey, six out of every 100 women sink into deep depression when winter comes. This problem mainly occurs due to lack of sunlight in winter.

That’s why psychologists tell women to be more exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D enters the body. Depression is somewhat avoided.

Lack of adequate sleep:
According to some recent studies, about 40 percent of women in the world suffer from insomnia. They do not take care of themselves while handling office, work pressure, household responsibilities. One of the biggest examples of neglecting the body is insufficient sleep.

Studies show that lack of sleep is one of the main causes of depression in most adults. Will be busy. Along with that, the workload will also increase. But take time to take care of your body. An adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep throughout the day. The body deserves that much care.

Failure to lose weight:
Being skinny is not easy. There is no quick way. If you do not work according to the rules, the desire to be thin remains elusive. Many women struggle to lose fat. But it is not always successful. Failure despite hard work leads to depression.

Moreover, the effect of diet also affects the mind. This is especially true when you start working on your own plan to get thin. So consult a nutritionist before going on a diet.

Some chronic physical problems:
Many women suffer from the problems of arthritis, cholesterol, diabetes. Mental exhaustion is also born from this physical problem. Food helps keep the mind healthy. But when the disease takes hold, many favorite things stop being eaten. As a result, it also affects the mind. Get upset. The mood becomes irritable. That is why diabetes or cholesterol levels cannot be allowed to rise. But for whatever reason a woman suffers from depression, a man should be by her side.

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