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Where medical knowledge does not reach

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At that time electric lights did not reach the roads of our village Nipa almost runs into our house with a hurricane calling out for dad

A night in the 90s. It’s about half past one. At that time, electric lights did not reach the roads of our village. Nipa almost runs into our house with a hurricane calling out for dad. Mother is sick, come quickly. We all almost ran to Nipad’s house.

Nipa’s mother and father are both my direct teachers. I went and saw that Sir (Nipa’s father), Moni and a maid were holding the mother very tightly and in that condition she was trying to get up by throwing her arms and legs. Who knows where such strength comes from a thin woman’s body! Doctor uncle (Dr. Abdur Razzaq) came. After prescribing the necessary medicine, he put the patient to sleep. This situation is day after day. Nipa’s mother is like a perpetual patient.

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When Nipa’s father died in 1995, they were all studying in university, college and medical school. When the news reaches the village, I go to their house. Nipa’s friends came from Rajshahi. They are soothing. Mother is half asleep in bed. He asked me to sit next to him. What happens to an honest school teacher.. There is nothing to say about savings and wealth without children. The same happened to them.

The lady was disoriented for the first few days but quickly recovered from grief. All the children were sent to their respective educational institutions. He took hold of the family alone. Since then no one has ever seen him very ill. At least I don’t remember (diabetic, except fever and cold). The children have completed their studies and settled down. He married them. He saw the grandchild’s face.

During this time, cancer spread in the body. He won the battle with cancer. Some more work remains. He took responsibility for his grandson’s education. He married his granddaughter. Then suddenly one day he left the universe before he could understand anything. The story of a successful mother is over.

Toronto, Canada

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