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Why do our dreams die?

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Why do our dreams die

‘Man is the only animal who lives in dreams.’ Quote by Abul Fazl. A sociologist named Nancy Turner comments – ‘If we didn’t dream, life would be unbearable.’ Both words are important! Both speak of the intimacy of life with dreams. Life needs dreams.

What is the dream? A dream is to inspire hope. The logistics of bringing dreams to life. A dream, a way to endure suffering and an occasion to move from a bad to a better position. If people’s present becomes miserable, if the current time is suffering and despair, then very soon good time will come, happy time will come and bad time will pass, the dream is to instill hope in the mind. A dream is the hope that the neglected tomorrow will be worth it.

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Today there is no democracy, tomorrow democracy will return! There is no human rights today, the hope that human rights will be established soon is a dream. The hope of returning to good governance from bad governance is a dream!
How many dreams we have seen. I see Maybe I will continue to see more. As seen by billions of people of this country. Seeing the oppressed of the world, whose rights have been robbed. Those who have been deprived of their freedom. Those who are victims of revenge. Crushed by unjust injustice.

Why man becomes the enemy of man. Why people are the biggest fear of people! How people unjustly torture people. How people take away people’s rights!
The march of oppressed people is getting longer all over the world. We say, we are constantly being modern! Yes, I am! If not, how would a nuclear bomb be made to kill people! How the atomic bomb owners used to carry the button of that bomb in a black bag!

What was the arrangement of launching missiles from one continent to another! How to drop phosphorous bombs from militant planes! These are the pictures of modernity. People have become modern. At the same time, the torture of people on people has become modern.
People have seen torture in the past. Still watching! Will see in the future. The worshipers of power in the world never stand for the helpless people. The powerful live with the powerful. So where oppressed people have become protestors, tyranny has increased. Where the deprived have voiced their rights, there have been deprivations.
Despite all this, people dream! Freedom will emerge after pushing all the darkness. People fight for this hope. struggling Prevents protest.

This is the dream of people! What a dream! To build a humane society. of a democratic society. A human rights organization. A society where people are at least unimpeded in the fulfillment of their wishes.

People dream of choosing their own leaders to move the society forward! People want the freedom to vote for whoever they want. As we are doing. This is a very big request! What is modern civilization? If the goal is achieved by coercion, it can be a wild society.
A democratic society or country is now very little! Now the big demand is – my country will be the super power of the world economy. Will achieve excellence in science and technology. No one will be unemployed. Will be first class in education. No superpower dares to raise eyes on us. Yes, these big requests are difficult.

So the story of wanting a democratic Bangladesh is not too small! Yes, this is the dream of every citizen of this country! No, not just now. from the past Bangladesh became independent to understand the rights of every citizen of this country. To get your rights back. Why should we forget about the fire of seventy-one! But what I have in mind! No, I didn’t. We don’t do what we say. I don’t say what I do. But as humans we should do what we say.

What a crime to dream of a society with values! It is inappropriate to ask for a traditional society! Of course not. However? But what else, we want these. I will dream of these!

The beginning of this dream from the beginning of man. The scope of this dream increased from time to time. We who live in the green land of Bangladesh, our dream has become stronger and stronger.

Why? Because we always walk with this dream in our chest. Sometimes the dream excites us. It seems that the boat of our dreams will be crowded very quickly. It seems that our dream destination is very close. But no, the boat seems to move in the middle of the river. Suddenly the mast of democracy broke in the fury of the storm! As a result, the destination is more distant!

But why the bird of our dreams remains elusive. Why can’t the stream of dreams go to the bottom! Where is our problem! Where we defeated! Our dream is something impossible! Not even that. As human beings we can expect our minimum rights. We can only ask for a society where we have minimum rights. There will be opportunities for education, treatment and free living. Right to rice and voting. Why can’t I choose my ruler!

The time is modern. Touch of modernity in management everywhere. People are taking all the modern facilities. In such a modern age, one would rob each other’s rights.

There is now a wave of free market economy all over the world. Children in the family are also bullied for independence at a very young age. There will not be civil liberties in the society or the state. The game of coercion will continue, how can it be thought!

What is our crime! Where is our problem! We are not modern as a nation! Not yet civilized! Nor could I be educated at least!

Plundering the rights of others, looting the resources of the state through illegal means is an act of hatred for the educated. He should be ashamed. It should be remembered that if you demean others, you are demeaning yourself. But how easily we feel proud of doing these ugly things!
But it is also true, those who dream of wellness do not stick to their dreams. Or does not hold firmly in mind what he says with his mouth. In fact, if thoughts, words and actions do not stand on the same line, then the dream will never succeed. won’t happen Words will be spoken with faith. And work will be done according to the word. Only then will the dream become a reality. Although it will take some time. let’s Still live our dreams. Remember – when the dream dies, nothing else lives!

Writer: Poet, Literary and Journalist

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