Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Outstanding service recognized by Premier Pillai

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The individual recipients are Robert Legare Tricia Johnson Drapeau Ian Yap and Helen Fitzsimmons

Head Ranj Pillai introduced four people and 10 groups of community workers with the Chief’s Honor for Greatness and Advancement. The award, which was created to recognize employees’ individual accomplishments and teamwork, contributes to the growth of productivity, cooperation, understanding, and respect within the public service of the Government of Yukon.

Robert Legare, Tricia Johnson-Drapeau, Ian Yap, and Helen Fitzsimmons are the individual recipients. The recipients of the teams are the Arctic Arts Summit Coordination Team, the Centre de Santé Constellation Health Centre, the Tséi Zhée / Sinwaa Éex’i Yé / Conrad management team, the Eagle River Bridge Incident Response Team, the Integrated Restorative Justice Unit, the Learning Network leaders and facilitators, the Mail Services Team, the Neurodiversity Culture & Programming Team at Hidden Valley Elementary School, the New Revenue-neutral Mining Business Carbon Reb

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