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To all good people

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We all came together to share information help each other all selflessly We have inspired many businesses to flourish We have inspired creation of many other forums in different form serving all of us

To all good people of Bangladeshi Canadian – Canadian Bangladeshi (BCCB)

It’s been a pleasure for all of us the volunteers to serve you. To the best of my knowledge, we were never hesitant to do the right thing, never afraid to stand against the wrong thing, and was never dishonest with you in our dealings. We continued to find ways to help people. We have done many things together that were awe inspiring.

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Then came covid. We slow down and it gave us little bit of time to reflect. We created an amazing forum BCCB Matrimonial: Heavenly Match where Bangladeshis from all over the world come and find a place of trust in finding their partner. Many of you found your partner from the already. Many more will get in future inshallah.

We founded Bangladesh Funeral Services (BFS) where we the voluntary members come together to help someone in the most critical time, the burial. We pay for our members burial equally. Today we cover almost one and a half thousand people.

We all came together to share information, help each other, all selflessly. We have inspired many businesses to flourish. We have inspired creation of many other forums in different form serving all of us.
Today we took a monumental and unprecedented step to define how we serve our members.

We have created BCCB HOPE FUND and donated $25,000 to help the community.

My expressed desire is that this fund will be used to help our own in time of need, especially the international students and a woman in distress. A team will be created who will be handed over the responsibility to manage this fund, develop a process, and decide on the policy. My role will remain a well-wisher and one who will provide guidance as needed. But I hope the fund management team will be independent to make their decision.

The only condition that I have for this fund is that no interest can ever be charged from anyone with the seed funding of $25,000.

To add to this, I personally commit to donate $1,000 every year in sha Allah.

My Hope is that, no members that we came to serve have to worry about paying interest while they take monetary support from this fund.

The loans will be completely interest free.


The money that we donated to this fund has no clause attached. It will be gifted completely, will be non-refundable to BCCB and will be used by the community members according to the policy that the fund management team will develop.

The members that will join the fund management team will come from amongst you. I hope there will be a representative from every big cities. We will look forward to an elderly and capable person to lead us.
To all those brothers and sisters, to all those young men and women, that sometimes feel frustrated finding nobody beside you, please be assured BCCB within its limited ability is and always will stand beside you.

Let there be no limit to serving people selflessly.

Let the limit be not defined by the amount but by the intention.

Lit as a community we come together to create great things that Canadians can be proud of.

Let us do things together so we can celebrate our collective accomplishment.

I end with the loving note send to all of you from the core of my heart and seek your blessing and dua for our team that works selflessly for the Journey of hope that we call BCCB

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