Tuesday, February 27, 2024

This Rana is that Rana

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MR 9 Do or Die is being released in over a hundred theaters across Canada Dream Scarecrow is performing in North America

Both are our big screen Masood Rana. There is a strange similarity in the story of the two being Masood Rana. That is, neither of them was supposed to be Masood Rana in the first place. So let me tell you.

Masood Parvez was the producer of the movie ‘Ora Egarjon’. Then he thought to direct. Made by Masood Rana. An announcement was made in search of Masood Rana. Those who were in the committee, especially producer SM Shafi and actress Sumita Devi, said on the last day that Masood Rana was not going with them. You will be Masood Rana. Committee member and renowned journalist Ahmad Zaman Chowdhury wrote on a piece of paper, your name on the screen from today is Sohail Rana. The movie was released in 74. result
Everyone knows.

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ABM Suman Masood Rana was not expected to act in MR-9: Do or Die. An event is held to find Masood Rana. Till then it was the country’s cinema. When Hollywood joined the co-production they opened up auditions. ABM Suman joins the discovery of the event. Hollywood team and late Kazi Anwar Hossain of Masud Rana also liked him. Finally director Asif Akbar, producer Abdul Aziz of Bangladesh all agreed that Suman will be Masood Rana of yesteryear.

MR-9: Do or Die is being released in more than one hundred theaters in Bangladesh, America and Canada. Dream Scarecrow is performing in North America.

Is this Masud Rana or that Masud Rana? Whose heart is yours?

Scarborough, Canada

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