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Who are in more at risk of osteoporosis, what to do

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Osteoporosis is a silent loss of bone

Bone loss occurs when bone density decreases to a certain extent. It reduces the amount of calcium in the bones, the normal structure of the bones is destroyed and gradually the bones become weak and brittle. As a result, the risk of bone fracture increases manifold. This is called osteoporosis.

Causes of bone loss

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Loss of normal balance in bone loss, lack of estrogen in women and testosterone in men, thyroid and parathyroid gland problems, insufficient calcium and vitamin D intake, genetic or hereditary diseases such as bone cancer etc.

Symptoms and signs

Osteoporosis is a silent loss of bone. In many cases, its presence is first detected by bone fractures. Main symptoms: Bone and muscle pain, neck and back pain. Very easy breaking of bones in different parts of the body (especially bones of the spine, waist or wrists), becoming crooked.

Who is at greater risk?

1. Menopausal or post-menstrual women.

2. Inadequate intake of calcium and vitamin D.

3. Smoking and alcohol consumption.

4. Do not exercise.

5. Rheumatoid arthritis or gout.

6. AIDS, breast cancer, prostate cancer etc. diseases and side effects of drugs used for these diseases.

7. Long-term use of corticosteroids.


Eating a balanced diet, eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, exercising regularly and avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol.

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