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The duo of Shoaib Mortuza and Dilara Nahar Babu

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Note that 2023 is a special year for Torontos cultural scene

Last November 25, on Saturday, Shoaib Mortuza and Dilara Nahar Babu’s ghazal and recital duet was held in a charming arrangement. The ghazals and recitals held at the Chinese Cultural Center in Scarborough also had a packed audience. Babu-Shoeb’s performance is proof that community audiences can also enjoy cultural events with passion. There is no hearing. No whispers. No tangled noise. First of all thanks to JBR’s three member action warriors. And mainly of course artist Dilara Nahar Babu and artist Shoaib Mortuza. Every audience was mesmerized by Kalak’s arrangements and performances.

Note that 2023 is a special year for Toronto’s cultural scene. This year has been a memorable year wrapped in the waves of sadness and happiness in the cultural arena of Toronto. In the first part of the year, the famous poet Iqbal Hasan, who lived in this city for many years, passed away. National poet Asad Chowdhury passed away on October 5th. Meanwhile, from the beginning of the year to November, this city is busy with various cultural events.

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Dilara Nahar Babu recited from the poems of famous poets of Bengali literature besides Rabindranath, Nazrul, Jibananda Das. The pairing of ghazals with poetry in one episode created a different atmosphere at the event. Munima Sharmeen played a role in establishing a link between various performances through conversations with Babu and Mortaza Shoaib. Babu, with his longing voice, has captured the poetic moments painted by the poet in the mirror of the audience’s ears and senses through each word and phrase of the poem. The audience listened to Babu’s performance with fascination. Apart from Ghalib, Shoaib Mortuza performed famous ghazals by other lyricists. Esraj’s deep and brooding atmospheric mush takes a soft and low-pitched art scene to another world. Esraj artist Ratan Singh, tabla artist Derrick Jaikaran, guitar artist Jai Sarkar, keyboard artist John Martin caught everyone’s attention organized by Kalka Babu Shoaib.

It must be acknowledged that the main strength of Toronto’s cultural events is the city’s generous sponsors. The generous support of the sponsors makes the cost burden of organizing cultural and social events in the city to be forgotten. Grateful thanks and love to the sponsors. JBR, who organized a wonderful event with performances by Dilara Nahar Babu and Mortaza Shoaib, expressed deep gratitude and thanks to all the sponsors for their support, Omar Hasan Al Zahid, Barrister Bilash D Cruz, Car Sharing Ride Alike, Farida Haque, Arif Imtiaz, Farzana Sharmin. , AE Academy, Shreja Boutique, Canon Guardian Pharmacy, Toronto Bangla Fashion House and Tapas Dev. Priyanka Barua and Tapas Dev danced to a recital by Babu.

Toronto, Canada

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