Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Kanaighat to Canada

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It is illegal to work in Canada on a visit visa totally illegal

Going to Canada is now easier than going to Kanaighat. But remember one thing, you are coming on visit visa. It is illegal to work in Canada on a visit visa, totally illegal. Here you can’t work illegally like in Europe-UK; No one will give you work. Unless one owns a restaurant in which to work undercover. But even that will cost you nominal money, which is the bare minimum to survive in an expansive country like Canada.

A native brother came to Canada and died of a stroke because he could not bear the pressure. The news is very sad. So be careful, think again before doing anything. Is it okay to spend 10-15 lakh rupees to dream?

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Those who are legally in Canada now find it difficult to find work. The situation in Toronto is dire. To overcome this situation, the Canadian government has decided to reduce the student visa. In such circumstances, it is very conceivable that bad news for illegal visitors and false asylum holders is coming very soon.

It is likely that a decision will be made to reduce the monthly allowance that asylum seekers receive to 6 months. And if you lose the asylum case, you have to go back to the country immediately. Considering the political situation in Bangladesh, it is difficult to win the asylum case. Because everyone knows, now there is no opposition party in Bangladesh.

So, don’t put yourself and your family in danger. Study well and come on student visa or work permit. You won’t find a better country than Canada; Canada is still a land of opportunity for the legal. The Canadian government will extend your visa for another three years to stay after your studies (which was previously two years). Do you know the reason? They want you to work for these three years and get PR and stay in Canada. They will never leave you. You are Canada’s asset, its future.

So, prepare yourself. Think again, think a thousand times. Also don’t make the mistake of coming to Canada on a visit visa. Most people do not have the luxury of coming and going on a visit visa. Don’t make the mistake of falling for the brokers’ sweet words. One mistake of yours will make the dalads’ pockets heavy and your mother’s chest empty.

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