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The concessions that Toronto has given for the World Cup

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There are several clauses in the contract where many of the costs of the event fall on the City

A document has been released about the concessions Toronto has made to host the 2026 World Cup. These concessions include tax exemption and public transport fare waiver for ticket holders. It contains the contents of the agreement signed by the city authorities in 2018 and the annex of 2022. Although many pages are omitted.

There are several clauses in the contract where many of the costs of the event fall on the City. These include providing offices and state-of-the-art equipment for FIFA, beautifying the city, offering ticket holders and members of the media free travel on public transport, setting up ticket distribution centers and waiving any municipal taxes applicable to FIFA.

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The agreement also includes arranging temporary decorations near venues or hotels for important matches, planning and implementing FIFA fan fests, ensuring extended time for public transit and ensuring that bars, restaurants and shops remain open until late night on match days.

In addition, city authorities must coordinate with FIFA on all press releases and briefings. Along with this, its brand protection program should also be arranged by disseminating information among local businesses and institutions. Moreover, the airspace around FIFA sites should be ensured to remain free on match days.

A clause in the agreement initially stated that the city authorities could not organize any other important cultural event within a day of the match. However, City Manager Paul Johnson informed the council on Jan. 20 that city officials could not agree.

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