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How Behavioral Treatment Begins

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Understanding Gods pastimes is a big responsibility We have no power to understand when to whom what variety He will give and whom or what glory He will deprive

Understanding God’s pastimes is a big responsibility. We have no power to understand when, to whom, what variety He will give, and whom or what glory He will deprive. Just as God gave Liam less of things, He also gave more of things. Liam can say all the complicated names that we adults have to memorize and recite quickly. Last month, when Dean took Liam to the public school in the neighborhood, he heard the guards on the school grounds saying, ‘If this boy comes to school, I will leave my child at home.” Diane went to the school gate with Liam that day. The principal said to Liam, “Do you know the numbers?” Liam was silent. But when the principal looked at the calendar and said, next Monday, the nineteen come, his teacher will talk to him that day, the initial will do some tests.’ Then Liam said the name of the nineteen in one breath. Surprised, the principal looked at Liam for a long time. But, in the experience of experienced, discerning principals, isolated cases have been identified before. He is sure that this child is not normal at ten, but without a proper diagnosis it is beyond his jurisdiction to comment on that.

Dean still laughs when he remembers, hearing Liam say nineteen, the principal let out a big gasp that took a long time to stop. But where is the last defense? Suspicious of having this special quality, the principal asked Dean to take Liam to the doctor for several tests. Although he said in his mouth that according to the rules of the school, the health card and vaccinations must be completed or updated before admission, but at the end he added that both autism and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) should be tested. That’s when Dean’s fling with Liam started. And just then, Liam’s father, Lee, leaves them in danger, leaving them in their native Korea.

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Dean took Liam to the family doctor first. He didn’t have to say anything, the way Liam was running around and spitting at everyone that day, Maier, an experienced doctor, knew exactly where the problem was. He immediately referred Liam to a psychologist, who conducted several tests and reviews such as Patient observation, Patient interviews, Cognitive and language ability tests, Interviews with parents, teachers, caregivers, or other adults, etc. He then concludes that Liam has autism. This is when Diane’s real struggle began. Her husband had returned to Korea and found a new family. When informed of Liam’s autism diagnosis, Swami blurts out, ‘It’s your fault, you deal with it.’ Diane can’t believe her ears! How does a father say such things? His children are not alone! Yes, Lee is upset with her, because in the last stages of the pregnancy, when the doctor suspected something (didn’t say for sure) after seeing the ultrasono report, Lee told her to abort and get a rash. But doing so would have put Diane’s health at extreme risk, and even if there was no risk, the relationship she had developed with her unborn child six months in the womb was not something Diane was willing to ignore. Since then, Lee has been uncooperative with him, and Lee has never felt a fatherly pull or responsibility towards Liam. At first, Dean was quite surprised that Lee could neglect his unborn child so much!

When at various events and gatherings, Liam, with a strangely beautiful and charming face and a sparkling smile, was picked up by everyone, loved, Lee would move away from the front, avoid him. But he never did any injustice or neglect towards Diane. This matter cost Diane more. She would simply say, ‘If you love me so much, the creator of our love, why not love Liam?’ Lee would sigh and say, ‘It’s better not to have a child like that. He will be a burden for the rest of his life.’ Dean raised his eyes and heard this comment and thought that even if the whole world becomes uncooperative, he will not give up. He will raise Liam with all possible advantages, he will ensure his right to live and his right to get all the privileges like other children. Then without wasting any more time, Diane took Liam to our center.

Raya had a lot of reluctance to admit Liam. On the one hand, the rebellion of the fierce staff, on the other hand the sympathy of the director who cannot be a mother, Roy’s challenge to Ronnie and self-imposed, the ethical code imposed by the BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board) (everyone has the right to receive equal service), etc., only then Roy He was able to convince the directors at his workplace that Liam must be given a chance, get better treatment. Roy’s struggle begins, many workers at the center quit, Liam’s success, and Diane’s triumphant climb up the ladder to her dreams.

Dean forgets all his tiredness when he sees Liam’s smiling face on his way home with Liam after work. He does not want to leave the center! Bhishan was enjoying himself in the center. Diane didn’t have to rush through her therapy despite being a single mom to get Liam OAP (Ontario Autism Program) funding. However, the funding process was quite long. The subjects for which OAP funds can be spent are: Occupational therapy. Physiotherapy. Additional autism services and supports (e.g., curriculum-based interventions, life skills and social skills training programs, employment supports and parent and caregiver capacity building and training), and respite services (as of July 5, 2021).

The following supports and services can also be purchased from the Childhood Budget:

evidence-based behavioral services, additional autism services and supports, other therapies and specialized services, respite services, family service planning and support, travel, technology, equipment and materials related to eligible services and supports.

At the end of the year, new funds are available again by submitting the expenditure account. This fund is applicable not only for children, but for all children, youth and adults who have been diagnosed. As a result, any person (who has been properly diagnosed) can easily continue with therapy, programs, multifaceted training, workshops, travel, entertainment, and move forward to fulfill their goals, perhaps to a successful life.
Also, when a consultant or professional recommends them, they can get various types of technology like cellphones, talking devices, mobility aids, etc. to make life easier.

How Behavioral Treatment Begins:
First after the intake of the client, he is subjected to various assessments like ABLLS-R, VBMAPP, ESDM, PEAK, etc. After reviewing the data and graphs of the obtained results, two lists are made. One list reveals what skills the client already has in a total of 25 areas, including basic life skills, social skills, and the other lists the deficits. These include self-help, language, motor skills, academic, etc., which will help the client to move independently. A total of 544 skills are tested using ABLLS-R tools. These skills are usually acquired by typically developing children before they enter kindergarten. Based on the results of these assessments, his clinical programs are designed as needed. This is usually done by the BCBA and his team in conjunction with the evidence-based and research literature. The client’s parent is then asked to list a number of socially acceptable goals.

Various materials are prepared for the client’s treatment. A team is then formed to treat the client. The team includes the BCBA/Clinical Supervisor, senior therapists, 3/4 junior therapists, parents, and clients. Treatment is initiated with the assent/consent of the client, and consent of the guardian. Depending on the needs of the client, sometimes his family doctor, psychologist, occupational therapist, speech-language therapist etc. are included in this team. It then looks at what problematic uses the client has. Their individual behavioral protocol is made by functional analysis. This protocol is maintained 24/7 at the center, at home, throughout the community. And that’s why behavior management training is given to everyone on the team including parents/primary care givers.

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