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Understand yourself, be rational

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Meher closed the door and stood in front of the mirror and began to reason with herself

Meher closed the door and stood in front of the mirror and began to reason with herself. Ask yourself questions, then answer them yourself. This mirror game is his favorite since childhood. This is how he used to communicate with himself despite his mother’s nagging many times. Asking herself first, draped over a shawl, the Fairy God Mother would answer herself in the mirror. For example:

Meher: Well, why didn’t mom let me watch TV today? It is grossly unfair!

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Mirror: Don’t you study?

Meher: Many people have education. So why not watch TV?

Ayana: Is this honey melting on TV?

Meher: Why should there be honey? And if there was honey, what would I want? I hate honey! Have you ever seen me like honey? When father secretly mixed honey in the cup of afternoon milk, I would not throw Singh? (So I looked at the door to see if anyone had heard! Younger brother Mubin and younger sister Mahi will tell everything to mom like a real teaser if they find out. So be careful!)

Ayna: You throw honey-mixed milk to Singh, isn’t it wrong? Do you see your wrongdoing? You have come to see the justice and injustice of the mother!

Meher: Well granny, that’s enough, no need to say more. To you always I color! (A twelve-year-old girl, Meher, stands in front of the mirror with her cheeks puckered, her lips pursed)

Meher turned around hearing a sudden noise at the door. Mom stood at the door.

Mom: What do you see in the mirror? Is it time to look in the mirror? Finished homework?

Meher: Mom, reading! Do I need any brakes?

Ammu: Practice dancing after studying. Do not look at the TV at all. (Mom says and leaves) Meher goes back to the mirror.

Meher: Granny! What did mom say? I don’t like it anymore.

Ayna: Whatever mom said, she said it for your good.

Meher: So why didn’t you tell Mubin and Mahi? They also go to school, they also have to study! Only I have to read?

Ayana: Well, how does it feel when you are first-second in school, dad gives special treats, brags about you in front of everyone? What about Mubin and Mahi?

Meher: That’s right, ok not to chat with you anymore. Old lady, you sleep. I sat down to read.

Thus whenever Meher is upset, he immediately stands in front of the mirror and keeps talking to the mirror until he can come to a positive conclusion. He is a very positive person. However, Ayana could not answer him twice.

Then he waited for the night. At night, when Abbu returned home from work, after dinner he would sit in front of the TV with the account book, while Meher would stand behind Baba and pat him on the head. Father-daughter’s favorite moment. If Meher’s hand touched Abbu’s head or forehead, Abbu’s gloomy mind would be relieved and Abbu would answer all Meher’s questions about everything.

Abbu was like the answer to all Meher’s questions, a living dictionary. Abbu never treated Meher as a girl. All his life he tried to make Meher an ideal person. Meher’s eyes become heavy as she thinks about the words. Naveen came from behind and stood next to him.

Naveen: What are you doing in front of the mirror? Do not change clothes yet! Mom said to go quickly. hurry up

Meher: I am getting ready. you get ready

Naveen said before leaving the room, if you want to catch the edge of the sari, you should!

Meher: I will call, don’t be afraid

Naveen: Which saree will you wear?

Meher: You say!

Naveen: You look more beautiful in blue saree. wear that And with the blue tip. Then quite, both hands full of bangles.

As soon as Meher went to wear the saree, Naveen brought a safety pin and said, teach me how to set the kuchi and anchal.

Meher: What is needed? One way to wear it! We dancing girls are used to wearing sarees. I can wear it alone.

Naveen: I want to help you.

Meher: Then let me dress carefully! Don’t chatter so much. Go watch TV at home.

Meher wrapped her saree and looked at the mirror when she heard Granny’s laugh.

Aina: If you see, how much Navin loves you?

Meher: No love! If he loved me, he would have left the dance party I had promised so far and taken him to meet his mother? Have been married for so long, never called the mother-in-law at home! Why call today? When his wife cannot be brought home until his daughter is married, then why today? Just because my event will be soiled!

Ayana: See, Naveen loves you very much. Try hard to keep you good.

Meher: Ash! Who wants this help? Is it love if you choose to buy a sari-churi-tip, and choose the time to go out?

Mirror: Who washed the dishes after lunch?

Meher: Does it mean he loves me if Naveen cooks dishes?

Ayana: Who said ‘I love you’, ‘I love you’ ten times today from the office?

Meher: What did I want to hear?

Ayana: Who brought you your favorite ice cream and orange peel flavor cadbury even if you didn’t want it?

Meher: Well granny, don’t you want to understand? I don’t want sari-bangle-tip-ice-cream-chocolate! Yes, those are my favorite color-flavors. But, I just want Naveen to love my meditation and dance as much as I do. I don’t want him to follow the dance, even if he brings the whole world. I just want, I have been pursuing dance since my childhood, if Naveen loves me, he will be my dancing friend, not my enemy.

Ayana: “If you don’t want it, you can get it…”

Meher: Well, old lady, will you stop now? No more advocating for Naveen. Enough is enough.

As soon as Naveen entered the room, he frowned and looked at Meher.

Naveen: What happened to you, tell me? You have been standing in the same way for thirty minutes. Don’t you really want to go?

Meher quickly put on the saree in two minutes. Tip-kajal-lipstick and bangles combined and went out the door completely tidy in ten minutes.

Naveen: It only takes ten minutes for you to get ready! So what were you doing the whole thirty minutes before that?

Meher was secretly hoping that Naveen would give him a compliment or two. But Naveen created an atmosphere of accountability and turned off Meher’s mood.

Naveen said to Meher who was sitting on the side seat while driving, why are you making such a heavy face? You really don’t want to go? Tell me if you don’t want to go to dinner with you somewhere!

Meher: You mean? You can take me out to dinner, but not to my dance show, except to visit on mom’s orders!

Navin: No, I was telling you to improve your mood!

Meher gave up in her mind, she could not convince Naveen. Naveen is trying everything inside and outside to keep Meher happy, but he is not making any effort to satisfy only Meher’s hunger. Much like his childhood pet bird.

How fondly he used to feed the parrot raw boots, ripe bananas, red chillies. He patted his head, sang along, called ‘Tusti’, but the bird’s heart wanted to fly in the sky. Even if he is confined in a cage and fed Polao-Korma, will his ability to fly decrease?

Meher wants to win a gold medal in dance, study abroad with a scholarship in dance, get a PhD, become a famous dancer. He doesn’t really like hanging around unproductively at this club-party. He wants to work, study, do something respectable and meaningful in life. be a milestone. By getting married, she never wanted to be a doll in the showcase of someone’s house. And Navin married Meher knowing that.

Do you also think that Meher’s hobbies, dreams, and love should be given up to meet the seriousness or insistence of the big man and in-laws? He is not doing anything wrong! And the boys or why want to radically change the girls after marriage? Girls be frank. Be aware of your rights.

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