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Ten head turning movies

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Ten head turning movies

Watched 10 head-turning Mustwatch epic movies. If you watch these 10 movies, you will forget your past, present and future. Below is a short review of 10 movies…

1) What Happened To Monday
(Epic story movie. Story and making of the movie will make you roll your eyes. Mustwatch)

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2) Leave The World Behind
(A mind-blowing movie. Let me just say that you will forget the world if you watch it. Mastwatch)

3) A Cure For Wellness
(The ending of this movie is guaranteed to turn heads. You should watch this movie even for the ending. Mustwatch (18+)

4) Society Of The Snow
(This is a masterpiece! You will get lost among those people if you watch it. Mastwatch is a movie based on a true story)

5) Harum Malam
(This is a must watch if you are a fan of Indonesian horror movies)

6) First They Killed My Father
(A historical movie. The best movie in the history of Cambodia. You will be lost in the history confirmed. The interesting information is that this movie is directed by the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie)

7) Khaad
(You have to watch this movie to know how a movie can carry so much message. The ending will give you a shock that is beyond imagination)

8) Barbarians
(If you are too scared, skip this movie and if you want to enjoy the fear, then watch it alone at night with the lights off. Even if the guarantee is reduced, you will not be able to stay alone at night for the next 5 days)

9) Howl
(If you are a fan of mysterious horror movies, this movie is a must watch. It will immerse you in the realm of the movie from the beginning of the movie)

10) Hubba
(The name Musharraf Karim is enough to watch this movie. Based on a wonderful true story, the excellent production and performance of Musharraf Karim make the movie a must watch)

This was a short review of 10 epic movies of different genres. Only those who like to taste different genres of movies will love them. Those who watch 500 million villains flying with one punch of a regular hero and dancing type movies with the heroine will be extremely bored, so they should not watch these.

One thing for everyone, spend your time and see something good when you don’t see the cheesy flying and dancing.

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