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Nathaniel Veltman’s fire of hatred of Muslims

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There is no concern in the political circles about why Islamophobia is rearing its head in the cities of Europe and Canada

White nationalism or white supremacy ignited the fire of hatred of Muslim hatred in Nathaniel Veltman, a young egg farmer of London Ontario who was only twenty-two years old. This city, two hundred and twenty five kilometers from the city of Toronto, is called the city of the university. Three decades ago, there were 100% white people living here, now this city has been occupied by South Asian immigrants, especially Pakistani immigrants returning to the United States due to free immigration.

The racist whites who have been living happily and peacefully here for so long with a low cost of living did not like that. As a result, when you go to London, if you look carefully, you will understand that the white people are looking at you with crooked eyes. My son studies there at Western University, and I have been the victim of white people’s teasing many times while visiting him.

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In this city, on June 6, 2021, in the afternoon of a terrible terrorist attack, 4 members of the Pakistani Canadian Afzal family were killed by a truck driven by Nathaniel Veltman, a white youth. That day, Afzal’s 44-year-old wife Madiha, their 15-year-old daughter Jamuna, and Afzal’s 74-year-old mother were all crushed to death under Nathaniel’s Dodge Ram truck, only Afzal’s nine-year-old son survived.

Afzal, head of a modern educated non-violent Ahmadiyya family in Pakistan, and his wife Madiha were working as research officers at Western University. They hated Wahhabi extremism. But why they were killed in Nathaniel’s sectarian militant attack! Because they are Muslims. Nathaniel was saying that I set out for London early in the morning with a newly bought Dodge truck to kill some Muslims, and found them on the side of the road. I target them!! What a terrible and horrible barbaric thought!

Today the Criminal Court in London sentenced Nathaniel to life without parole or 25 years in prison after a lengthy trial for the heinous murder. In response, a furious and racist Nathaniel told reporters in his carefree voice that what he had done would be an example, he had no regrets. He told reporters that Nathaniel was inspired by the incident in 2019 when 54 Muslims were killed in a terrorist attack on a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Radical nationalist activities in Canada over the past decade have been noteworthy. Earlier, there was an armed attack inside a mosque in Aswa, a small town near Toronto. Fortunately there were no casualties that day as the firearms were bad. There is no concern in the political circles about why ‘Islamophobia’ is raising its head in the cities of Europe and Canada! No specific plan!

On June 3, 2017, 11 civilians died and 47 were injured in a truck attack by a Pakistani-born British militant named Karim Sajjad near London Bridge, near London’s Borough Market. Before this, many Islamic militant truck attacks in France, London and Belgium killed hundreds of civilians under trucks. Islamist militancy has weakened while white nationalist militancy is on the rise alarmingly. Violence and hatred are born from violence. Militancy is never justified from any side. As long as people are not able to remove extreme bigotry and extreme nationalistic thoughts from their heads, there will not be an atmosphere of mutual love and respect between people in the world. It should be remembered that revenge, hatred, and hatred are the enemies of humanity.

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