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Photo Mohammed Awam

I don’t even keep track of how long we haven’t talked to you. Now I feel very self-centered. Family, work, Internet, phone conversation, TV, where is the time to remember you? But fifteen years ago I could not live without sharing all my happiness, sadness, anger and shame with you. Then one night you could not sleep peacefully without talking to me. I remember once I did not go home from Dhaka for Eid of Sacrifice for some reason.

You could not accept my stay in Dhaka during Eid, so you were looking for me by calling me from the morning of Eid. He wanted to send a car again and again to take me to Faridpur. You thought I was very upset. Now there is no one to search like you. How much you thought about me. About my little Walid. Where did you leave all the thoughts away! How far!

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Your handwriting was amazing. When you were out of the country on business, you used to write to us every week. We were eagerly waiting for your letter, Eid card. Your letter will never go through the pawn named Iman Ali Chacha. I know that none of my writings will reach you.

Your world was around us. When you used to come back home from office with a tired body in the afternoon after eating and sleeping, we siblings would eagerly wait for you to wake up. When mother used to sit on the chair next to the bed in the afternoon with tea and breakfast, we all the siblings would sit around you on the bed and listen to stories about any funny incident from your office or outside. You used to tell the story of all the funny experiences of your childhood. A story of many costs. You lost your mother when you were only six months old. And lost his father when he was in class six. So you wanted to get your lost parents back to us.

You had a motorcycle. When I was a kid, I used to ride it everywhere. Starting from the market, his teaching place was Faridpur Paramedical School which is now Faridpur Medical College, District Council Office, Stadium. Or one evening with you and your mother at the cinema.

You have spent 14 years abroad because of our need. When we come back home, all of us siblings are busy with our respective careers and families. You used to hope to spend time with children and grandchildren during Eid or holidays. But how much time could you give? You left us all behind. You are in my every prayer. I still hear your loving voice “How are you mom? No problem, right?”

I know all fathers probably raise their children with so much love like you. Still, I always think you are the best father in the world. You were our friend. Absolute refuge. To whom we could tell all our things frankly. On January 10, 2009, you left us very helpless and went to the land of no return. Even when I’m sad or happy, your face and mother’s face floats in my eyes.

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