Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Sometimes I can’t make up my mind!

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It is snowing heavily outside I turn on my phones wifi and call a few people trying to understand how bad the situation is

The upstairs unit of my apartment is undergoing renovation. The continuous sound of the machine’s cutter motor throughout the day. Very boring sound!

I didn’t have work last Tuesday. So I slept without alarm. Woke up at the announcement. Binding management informs that the electricity is out and that they are aware of the matter and asks to remain calm and is told that the technician is working.

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But the day started with my apprehension. No electricity, ie no water, no fire on stove, microwave, electric kettle all off. Room heating service is also off. Internet is also off.

Waking up fresh, eating breakfast, tea and coffee are all problems. Even going out of the building to go to a coffee shop is a problem because the elevator is also closed.

Meanwhile, it is snowing heavily outside. I turn on my phone’s wifi and call a few people trying to understand how bad the situation is. Because the first winter after I came to Canada, many areas of Toronto were without power due to snow storms.

Warming centers were opened in schools. I worked in those centers. I assumed at the time that storms like this happened every year. By that time the bus train service was also almost stopped but luckily there was no difficulty in my binding. Seeing the heavy snowfall outside and thinking about these things, I could not be free from fear.

About an hour later I suddenly heard the renovation machine’s cutter motor upstairs. But without electricity it is not possible to run those machines. So what electricity has come! Happy electricity in my head. Let’s get up and turn on the light, Shanti. I felt that the whole day I was so annoyed by the harsh sound, that is how sweet!

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