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Canada’s immigration system and…

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there are two types of immigration professionals in Canada

There are two types of doctors in the world. 1. Trained doctors who see patients based on their academic skills, practice and experience. 2. Drunk doctors – who practice for years fooling the public with “paracetamol three times a day” type prescriptions based solely on fappers without any training.

Similarly, there are two types of immigration professionals in Canada. 1. Those who have studied immigration law and who have work accountability and professional responsibility. 2. Ghost Consultant – Those who have no education on immigration law, who will experiment with your file (life) and if you get into any trouble, you will meet in the air like a ghost. Many times they will outsource your work to another immigration professional and earn two-pies from it.

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Canada’s immigration system is vast. In order to stay up-to-date in this profession, one must always be on education. So there is no scope to take up this profession part-time. Each application involves the lives and dreams of many people. So there is no room to take it lightly. If you pay attention, you will see that the established and reputed lawyers in our community work only in their area of expertise. Because every sector of law is so vast that it takes ages to acquire expertise in any one of these areas, it is not possible to assert expertise in all sectors in one lifetime. So if you pay attention, you will see that the Jack of all trades around us remain the Master of none forever.

So be careful in choosing a professional. It’s for any job. And stay 100 hands away from Ghost Consultants. Because if this ghost is caught, the Ojhara (Police, RCMP) can’t do much due to lack of evidence.

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