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Show love to women

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I told my daughter Aritri as a child that you and Arka are equal to me

Everyone knows that I am weak towards women. particularly vulnerable. I have written about this many times. I have more female friends than male friends on Facebook. Women send me more friend requests. I accept women more. There are still thousands of requests from women. I have friends from 18 to 80 years old. Women are great inspiration for my writing, great readers. Women comment more on my posts. Women are the biggest buyers of my books. They come to get more autographs.

Maybe it’s because I write more about women, I study more about women’s psychology. So women show me love, respect. The calculation is very simple. Love is an easy task. No money, no effort. Just be sympathetic to women, listen to them, respect them. Make women feel that they are human. In fact, I dislike the division of men and women. I don’t judge or befriend women by their looks, shiny clothes, social status, I judge them by their heart, beauty and generosity of mind. They also see me like this, give me love.

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I love my mother, I love my wife, I love my daughter. I love all my female relatives, female friends. Stay by the side in danger. help me Never ask for anything in return.

I told my daughter Aritri as a child that you and Arka are equal to me. Everything is fifty fifty.

One day Arka came to us crying and said, Arka was seven or eight years old. Dad, you used to say that everything is fifty-fifty, now I see, seven-thirty. You favor Aritri more. I laughed a lot that day.

I told Aritri yesterday, you remember childhood! I said all fifty-fifty share!

Aritri smiled and said, yes.

I said your priority is before to me.

My mother died many years ago. I still cry for my mother. Mother often comes in dreams. I have a picture of my mother on my desk. I woke up and saw my mother. I pray for my parents. I talk to Aritri once every day in America. I visited him at least once a week when I was in Toronto. When I announced to build a library in Barisal, first one of my lady friends promised to donate five lakh rupees. without any conditions. I have always found women on my side in danger. Bani Apa and Jasmin stood by me when I was struggling in university and almost dropped out.

So love women. Respect women. Respect and love go hand in hand. Any relation is reciprocal. Give and take. I have never disrespected any woman. I did not suffer. I have accepted many losses myself but never underestimated them.

I remember once going from Dhaka to Barisal in Samad launch. winter night I developed a high fever that night. Meanwhile I have no money in my pocket. No warm clothes. I was sick with fever. I was a university student then. I was going to see my mother. Mother was ill. That night, a poor Hindu woman gave me food and gave me kantha. About the year 2010. I am going to the country after my mother died. very upset Toronto to London, then Dubai, then Dhaka. Coincidentally, all three times my traveling companion was a woman. One of them is Scottish, one Indian from Ahmedabad, one from Nawabganj in Dhaka. I was crying silently, not eating. They showed me great compassion. was hurt

There have been many such instances in my life where women have been my supporting force. Many things in my life are feminine. Irrespective of religion, caste, women gave me affection and affection. My family doctor is a woman, my dentist is a woman.

Whenever a woman is oppressed I protest against it. Ask for justice. Not always the correct judgment. There is never any judgment at all. Justice falls to power. I believe in navy empowerment. I want to see more and more people in the world.

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