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Spring Days

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Spring Days

A doctor was present at the wedding He is examining Sinu in a nearby room Sajid is upset and holds Sinu’s hand in his hand and sits near her head The doctor stood up after the examination Sajid got busy and said, What happened to my wife doctor? Should be taken to the hospital?

The doctor smiled and said, “Not at the hospital, but you may have to go to the sweet shop.”

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Sajid frowned and said, mean?

Someone present in the room caught the matter The doctor continued to smile and said, you are going to be a father Mr

Sajid’s eyes widened On the other hand, everyone present in the room lost themselves in happiness Sinu regained consciousness a while back, and felt shy after hearing the doctor’s words Sajid keeps looking at the doctor and then at Sinu One by one everyone congratulated them and went out Mehmet and Tania were taken back to the stage by Raima, Raisha

As soon as everyone left, Sinu said in a low tone, Sajid

Although Sajid was stunned for so long, he looked at Sinu’s call and then suddenly picked him up in his lap and started walking around like a madman. And said with a smile,

Sinupakhi I am going to be a father Soon someone will call me father You can not imagine how happy I am!

Sinu was shocked at first but now he smiled a little and said, I am asking you to come down Someone will come

Come on I don’t care I just care about you and my child right now

He started walking with him again Sinu got shy and hid her face on Sajid’s chest After some time Sajid took Sinu down Then he kissed his wife’s cheeks, forehead and lips with his heart

After a heartbreaking farewell, Tanya reaches her in-laws house Tania went to Mehmet’s room after talking to her mother-in-law As soon as Sinu came to the room, Sahera Khatun left them alone and went out Both smiled at each other Tanya pulled Sinu to her and said,

Oh my dear, you are going to be a mother! I am not an aunt, I will become a little mother I am very excited

Sinu smiled shyly at his words Tanya said again, I want my niece Sinu

Sinu frowned and said, why did you all fall behind the niece? Would you be happy if you are a nephew?

Why not be happy? But the fun is different if you are a niece

Then Mehmet came to the room As soon as he came, Sinu left the room with a little smile Sajid was climbing the stairs Besides feeding sweets to everyone present at the community center, he bought another ten kilograms of sweets and brought them home He will distribute sweets again tomorrow

Sajid’s tired face got a glimpse of smile when he saw Sinu Sajid came to Sinu in fear and grabbed her and then went to his room with his wife.

Tania and Mehmet finished namaz and went to bed Mehmet is looking at Tanya with his hand on his cheek On the other hand, Tanya Nidarun is sitting with her head down in shame After watching for a while, Mehmet got busy untying Tania’s hijab This made Tanya’s chest heave Tanya said in a low voice to avoid embarrassment.

Did you know the meaning of Mr. Whatever I said?

Mehmet is still busy unpinning the hijab He said in a soft voice, “Whatever?”

Anna Behi Bak

I don’t know Whatever, I will think about it tomorrow, I am not in the mood today Let me love you first

Tanya held Mehmet’s hand and said, “Haven’t found out what that means yet?” And after marriage, you have come straight from you?

Mehmet looked at Tanya with a confused look and said, “Let me do what is important first.” Whatever you call your wife? How does your wife feel when you call her?

Said Mehmet came close to Tanya again Tanya pushes him away and says you can’t touch me until you know what that means If you touch then I will take account of it in the afterlife

Mehmet was shocked He frowned and said, what does love have to do with knowing what that means, Miss Tanatyana? Whatever I won’t account for haha

If you don’t give it, you have to give it I mean, since you don’t know, sleep quietly I slept

That’s why Tanya turned and slept Mehmet Karun said in his voice, Ooo wife, why do you do this? Whatever it means tomorrow, let me love you today

Tanya put her hand on her face and suppressed her smile and then cleared her throat and said, first you will tell me what she means and then you will love her. go to sleep mr. Whatever

Mehmet stopped and sat for a while Then he lay down next to Tanya with a bored face In a while Tanya fell asleep but Mehmet didn’t have sleep in his eyes Mehmet looked at Tania and said,

Even after bringing the wife, I see that the fight is going on Whatever you bring Behi Bak? What is your name identity? where is your home Why come between my wife and me?
Mehmet fell asleep while talking all these things

The next morning, Mehmet walked towards his brother’s room Sajid was standing on the balcony drinking coffee and Sinu was looking at the sky with her head on his shoulder. Mehmet went to the balcony without warning and said,

Whatever bro had a question

Sinu quickly walked away from Sajid Sajid frowned and said in a serious voice, will you not stop appearing where you are like a ghost?

Mehmet gritted his teeth and said, of course not Whatever answer my question first


What does Ana Behi Bak mean?

Sajid sipped his coffee and said, I don’t know Bengali is my mother tongue, I have no interest in any other language apart from this language

Sinu laughed and said, what language is Sajid interested in?

Sajid started sipping coffee again with a dam care expression Mehmet Sinu’s words laughed once and said, Shi! I thought you were smart for so long! Whatever you broke my misconception today

Good Now share from here

Mehmet whispered, “I mean, don’t take out the clothes, baby.” Whatever it means is very important to know

Sinu smiled and said, brother, you don’t have to make so many requests I’m telling you what it means

Mehmet excitedly said, you know the meaning of this, Bhabhi?

Of course I know It means ‘I love you’ in Arabic Ana Behi Bak means I love you

Mehmet’s eyes rose to his forehead Sajid sipped his coffee and narrowed his eyes at Sinu Mehmet said cheerfully.

Oh dear What talent you have! Any suggestion Divorce my brother while there is time and marry a smart boy It doesn’t suit you

Sajid took off the slippers lying in the room and threw them at Mehmet Mehmet Chappal’s house was shocked Sajid is looking at him with bloodshot eyes Seeing that, Mehmet swallowed a mouthful of fear and then said in a busy manner,

No no bhabhi my brother is perfect for you Whatever Khabardar will not think of divorcing her Or I too will go to the afterlife and take account from you like Miss Tanatyana

Mehmet said and ran out of the room Sinu is laughing since watching Chappal’s story He said with a smile, he has taught Mehmet Bhaiya to take account in one day!

Sajid took Sinu’s hand and brought him to himself and said, what if you know the meaning of that? Have you told anyone?

Sinu looked at Sajid in shock and then got a hold of himself and said with a mischievous wit in his head, Who did I call your satin again?


Seeing that Sajid was really angry, Sinu said in a calm voice, I was joking I didn’t tell anyone Sajid did not understand this is a big deal to know?

Tania is standing in front of the mirror in a dark pink cotton saree combing her hair Suddenly Tanya was startled to feel someone’s warm touch on her stomach Mehmet is fascinated looking at Tanya’s reflection in the mirror Tanya pulled herself together and said,

You didn’t talk to me Why did you touch it without knowing its meaning? I will take account of it hereafter

Mehmet smiled and said, “I know, then I touched Miss Tanatyana.” Whatever I love you too wife

Tanya was thrilled and charmed There was something in Mehmet’s words that left Tanya speechless Mehmet turned Tania towards him and kissed her forehead for a while and said,

I will love you so much tonight Miss Tanatyana Whatever for now just love

Mehmet said and left the room Tanya started breathing heavily His chest started heaving In the next moment, Tanya smiled shyly after controlling herself Then he said in a low voice,

If you don’t give such love all my life, I will take account from you in the afterlife mr.Whatever

As soon as the wedding troubles were over, everyone got busy with their own work again Today four of them have classes in e-varsity so they left Maria and Nusrat in the shop and came to the varsity. Four of them have different subject classes so they went to their respective classes

Raima studied the class attentively As soon as Sir left the class, he started collecting the books At that time, the words of some girls came to his ears

What I do not like Navin Sir! What a cute boy bro I think I will take her and get married

Another girl said, keep quiet Navin sir is mine Sometimes I regret why I didn’t study chemistry! Then I could see you every day

They started talking more like that Raima quickly left the class annoyed Birbir said, don’t they feel ashamed to say these things about sir? How much originality!

He suddenly faced Navin as he went away Navin smiled and said, did you have class today?

Seeing her, Raima started to feel uneasy again, Raima avoids Navin as much as possible after seeing Navin’s omen vision on the wedding day Why did he not like it at all

At every answer Raima smiled softly and said, “Who was.” I have more classes to go to

After completing the talk, Raima walked away from Navin’s front Navin smiled looking at his way Then he said in a low voice,

Mayabini Falling in love with you, I am burning day by day Burn when I become coal! Kill me by marrying me before it becomes coal, but don’t let it become coal!

Raima doesn’t have class at the moment and lies to Navin He went to one side of the campus and sat down on the grass Tanya’s wedding days are repeatedly floating in front of her eyes First of all Naveen’s omen look, then repeatedly looking at Raima for no reason Raima noticed everything

Raima uttered ‘c’ in annoyance and said, “Professor Saheb’s opinion is not right at all.” If you try to do the opposite, I will leave you in England, sir. I am not willing to marry an Englishman’s mistakenly abandoned offspring

After sitting for a while Raima got up A piece of brick was lying on the grass Raima kicked it like a football He kicks whenever he sees something like kicking on the road That’s why he still killed As he started to pour, he suddenly looked ahead and stopped The piece of brick went straight to Navin’s chest Naveen is looking at him calmly with his hand on his chest

Raima was shocked, went in front of Navin in a shy manner and said in a soft voice, Afwan, I didn’t know you were going in front.

It’s OK

Hearing the English in his mouth, Raima looked forward and said in a busy voice, “You are angry with me, aren’t you?”

Navin understood the meaning of her question and laughed and then said, Uhu I am not angry at all

At that time Raisha came and said to Raima, what are you doing here? Class is over, let’s go to the shop now

Raima says sorry to Navin again and leaves with Raisha As he left, Navin took a breath and said,

Mayabini already put me in your illusion and created combustion in my chest, now throw a piece of brick at that chest again? I feel like I have to endure your karate and this kick for the rest of my life But it’s ok, I don’t mind at all

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