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Rabindra – Nazrul Jayanti

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Rabindra Nazrul Jayanti

On the occasion of Rabindra-Nazrul Jayanti, we remember with deep respect and love the ideals and teachings left behind by poet Nazrul. Along with the emancipation of humanity, he was also very vocal against communalism, bigotry, superstition, evildoing. He fearlessly took up pen in favor of free intellect and thought with a fearless heart and which is still relevant today. This poem is very important for spreading the knowledge of communism around the society.

Some have scared people by calling me a rebel. I have no desire to maul this innocent breed. I rebelled and sang the song of rebellion against injustice against tyranny. Against the false traditions that are corrupt, old and rotten, against hypocrisy and superstition in the name of religion.

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Some say, my words are Yawan, some say Kafir, I say and it is not the case of both, I have only tried to bring Hindu-Muslims together and shake hands, I have tried to turn abuse into abuse. If that handshake is ruder than a fistfight, then they will separate you, they will not have to cut my knots. Because one person has a stick in his hand and another has a knife in his sleeve.

Hindus and Muslims are attacked day and night, hatred is fought against each other, on the one hand there is severe poverty-debt-lack in people’s lives, on the other hand, billions of rupees are accumulated in the bank of the greedy demon. I came to remove this unequal discrimination. In my career in poetry, music, I established a beautiful balance.

In my poetry, in music, in my career, I established a beautiful balance. I don’t want success, I don’t want fame, I don’t want establishment, I don’t want leadership. No matter how sad my life is, I will sing songs of joy and songs of pain. I will exhaust myself and give it to everyone. I will be alive in the midst of everyone’s life. This is my vow, this is my sadhana, this is my penance.”

—–If the whistle no longer blows (interpretation)

—–Kazi Nazrul Islam

Videography: Anik Kumar Pal

Big thanks to Khokon Debnath Dada for background music.

Calgary, Canada

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