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Aaradhya was not upset at all after hearing the words of Parampara

In response to Aaradhya’s question, Parampara said, “Aaradhya, do you remember what you said to me on the night of the full bed, our full bed? I don’t know if you remember but I do. You said that ‘Life is as easy as it seems; but it is not so easy.’ It’s not a novel that the hero will live happily ever after. It’s impossible to live happily ever after. Otherwise, I’m forced to marry you It would not have been the same. There is no point in wasting time thinking about what is not possible.’

I didn’t forget a word adorable. You said that day that our road is not the same even for a day, so today how do you want to make our road, goals and everything one for the whole life? We didn’t have any plans to have a happy family, adorable, why do you want to have a family with me? Why do you want to spend your life with a girl who was forced to marry?” Parampara stopped saying the words. He didn’t want to ask so many questions, but what he has known since day one can be a lie today? He is ready to walk alone. Aradhya himself. Prepared him, then what does he want to prove by saying these meaningless words today?

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Aaradhya was not upset at all after hearing the words of Parampara. He knows what he said, so how can he forget? Each letter is present in its own context. Even if he didn’t hurt physically, he mentally hurt the tradition, that responsibility is also his. He will repeatedly express his love for tradition; The day he feels that he is unworthy or that he can live happily with someone else, he will leave the life of Parampara. He thought of the words and said, “The answer to all your questions is one and that is I love you.

You would come to me demanding love but I would reject it again and again; i remember I can understand your pain, sometimes I feel guilty and sometimes I don’t feel guilty. Why don’t you think? Many students express their feelings in college, so can everyone say yes? is not So the rejections are not unfair. I was proposed by many people, my answer to all of them was the same, that is ‘no’.

Why should I say yes to someone else’s happiness if I don’t have feelings in my heart? It will be cheating with him, right? Think I would have gone into a relationship with you for your happiness, to make you happy but how much hurt would you get on the day you would know the truth? It was better that I rejected you outright every time. I am not guilty of this. Do you know when I was guilty? Even after marrying you, I have been guilty since I did not give you the status of my wife, I hurt you. Rejecting a thousand people is one thing but misbehaving with one’s own wife is wrong.

I have committed that wrong and I am willing to accept its punishment. If you reject me today I will not feel bad Parampara. I deserve more pain than what I have given you.” Aaradhya stopped short of saying these words; after a moment of silence he resumed, “You know Adhiswari that I do not hide my heart. I told you what was on my mind. One more thing, I will express my love to you again and again; The day you say I’m not worthy of you, I’ll be out of your life forever.”

Hearing Aaradhya’s words, Parampara said with tears in her eyes, “Just a few more days and then we will be on different paths, Aaradhya. I will never accept you in my life. Yes, I still love you but believe me, even after hearing your heartless words, I am emotionless. Today, your love is also with me. Neither is love to me.”

Aaradhya replied with a soft smile, “divorce is not a tradition, so how come I am a traveler on a different path? I said I will come to you again and again with my love. You can’t ask me to leave the first time. I deserve at least a year. I don’t.” what?” Aradhya looked into the eyes of Parampara asking the question; Waiting for wife’s reply.

Parampara remained silent as soon as Aradhya’s question was heard. Not that the feeling is really empty. Aaradhya’s every word makes her heartbroken but she really doesn’t want Aaradhya in her life anymore. He couldn’t accept, he couldn’t forget everything even today; So how to accept? He knows that what is with him today, a year is also a whole life. Thinking of the words, he sighed, “You want a year? I gave you more time. I gave you two years.”

Aradhya asked in surprise, “Two years?”

Parampara smiled and said, “Aradhya, you know the more gold is burned, the purer it is. Prove that you are pure gold. I don’t need any diamonds, I will consider myself lucky if I have pure gold. That’s why I gave you two years. ; though I know our path is not to be, not ever.” After saying the words, he paused and said, “Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday, adorable. I really didn’t think of myself, thank you for wishing me there, celebrating.” Aaradhya said, “I remember a lot of things, Parampara. You told me ‘not all relationships are ‘you’, Aaradhya. I don’t have the right to call you ‘you’ and that’s not mine.” I don’t.’ Today I gave you all the rights of my wife, I gave you everything, even if you call me ‘adorable’ from now on. A husband never accepts that;

Parampara pretended not to hear the words. Watching her go, Aradhya said, “I love you more than anything, Parampara. No one in this world can ever love you like I do. One day you will admit it yourself. I want to win you with love; not by force. I am burning with your love.” I will become addicted to you. Your love will become not just a habit. I will disappear into you.”

After a few seconds of silence, he repeated,”

In the whole of Vasundhara, there are countless disasters,
My life always perishes in your sight.”

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