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Ottawa to Halifax

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During a long drive seeing the passenger of the car is very jealous I cant look away for more than a second or two when I see a beautiful scene in front of me And if the scene is on the side not more than a moment

In the name of Allah, four of us went out in the morning of July 9th. The objective is to explore the eastern region of the country and to accumulate experience of long drives. The distance from Ottawa to Halifax is about fourteen hundred and twenty kilometers. Children have a two-month summer vacation; Use it. I am most interested in Ginny. Both children are not less interested. However, another reason behind the children’s interest is to take more than a week off from Huzur. Huzuur, a wonderful humorist from Bangladesh, taught them Arabic online. And there is no limit to their interest to see how their foolish father will travel so far.

During a long drive, the passenger of the car is very jealous. I can’t look away for more than a second or two when I see a beautiful scene in front of me. And if the scene is on the side, not more than a moment. Want to keep the steering straight; Three very precious lives are associated with it. They can happily take pictures, gaze at the breathtaking nature. And allotment for me is a wink.

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My main job is measuring roads.
If the sun is high, close the roof, adjust if the temperature is low/high, if it starts raining, make sure that the windshield is not fogged, if there are insects, take it out; Whether the GPS/mobile is charging properly, going on the right road, speed is right; One hundred and one aspects have to be observed. Ekkhen Tesla car felt very missing; If there is self-drive mode, I would sleep with oil in the nose!

Their biggest advantage is that they can sleep with their noses closed. Babies go to sleep undisturbed every now and then. Ginny sleeps very little. The reason is fear. Because keep an eye on me. Do not fall asleep for a moment! A lot can happen in an instant when running at 120 or 140 km/h. He memorized my body language without even looking at me. He notices the signs of sleep earlier than me. Then he immediately said, will you have coffee? Pour? Under the pretense of talking, the driver took a look at me to see if I was alright. A little yawn but his tension. It takes less than a tenth of a second to fall into the ditch.

And when he fell asleep? Then I have to hold the steering wheel with one hand and pour tea-coffee in a one-time cup. At risk… Then float in front of the eyes, white sheets, cold soft bed.. where I will fall into a deep sleep while sipping a glass of cold lemon juice with crushed ice!
Just think when to arrive at the hotel?

I put myself in his place and thought; It’s really terrible! Imagine me sitting in the front passenger seat with my Ginny steering at 140 km/h. Suddenly I saw that he was sleeping. How will I feel then!
It must be said, Wife’s nerves are very strong!

People actually drive fast on the highways of this country. On the highway where the maximum speed is 80, drive at 100. Where one hundred is written, one hundred twenty-thirty runs there. And where it is written one hundred and ten, there is one hundred thirty forty. If it is within this limit, the police usually do not say anything. So do I. can’t go slow When the police in front of the saint dress up and get better!

Another advantage they have is that they can throw arms and legs at will. Here and there, right and left; Wherever the will can move. Even, unfasten the seat belt and find the lost ear phone, water bottle, chocolate or chips packet from under the seat. Break the knee as you want, shut the ‘pot’ and boil it!

And me? Just like a broken leg with plaster of Paris; Who needs to be fed, bathed. Shut legs and knees like a colorful dream! The driving seat is not designed that way. And the mobile will press as desired; Facebook, Tiktok.. If you want, you can open a packet of chocolate with both hands, open a bottle of coke, open a fresh packet of chips and chew comfortably.
Of course me..

On the way, leaving Ottawa, crossing Montreal and passing the distant Quebec City, the extraordinary scenery begins to be seen. Surrounded by green hills. Summer weather is great! Between twenty-two and thirty-three degrees. In the distance is a row of blue hills. Occasional lakes, rivers, bridges, fields of crops spread across the horizon. A wonderful feeling! Then I feel like a very small ant. What an endless land of this country! Around deserted highways. Hundreds of kilometers of road and road! Sometimes there is thick fog, or heavy rain, or bright sunny days.
Ginny picked up the camera hanging around her neck and said, “Oh God, how beautiful!” It kept clicking.

We four have been running for hours..

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