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If in tears..

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I am a child who lost his father in childhood

Boys and girls leave with their parents. So did my sons and daughters. i did too After I left Barisal, my mother’s world became empty and I also realized how much she was involved in my life after leaving my mother.

I am a child who lost his father in childhood. Mai was my place of hope. I was always involved with children. Ever since I was little, I used to hang around them. Now that they are not around, I wait like a pilgrim crow when Ark will come on the weekend, when Aritri will come from America.

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A little talk with Arka but I am happy that Arka has come. I talk more with Aritri than that. I also say a lot of useless things. Just getting close to something. But I never reveal that I eagerly wait for them.

Even today, when I enter the house, I go into the room of Aritri as usual. When Aritri is here, she either sits on a corner of the couch with her laptop, which she never used to do before, or sits on the bed in her own room with her laptop. I came today and saw Aritri is not at home. Then went out with friends somewhere.

As I went to my house, I heard a little Aritri’s voice! It often happens to me. I can hear the voice even if there is no Aritri! As much as ghost shoots! I suddenly remembered that Aritrito left Atlanta yesterday! Even in the afternoon I said with Aritri! He picked up the phone in a sleepy voice! How did I forget Aritri is gone! In fact, it was about three weeks! Stayed at home most of the time, so maybe I forgot!

I had to leave before Aritri left tomorrow, so when I put my head on my chest and said, Mom, go carefully, Aritri said, I will come again next month, father! When I was going to work while driving the car, I suddenly discovered tears in the eyes of the old man! Makes no sense!

Toronto, Canada

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