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There are very few people who have not heard of the Siccin movie franchise

There are very few people who have not heard of the Siccin movie franchise. But people who have managed to finish watching the entire franchise are rare. Some may not have seen all the parts due to great fear and some have not seen it because there is no dubbing.

Actually no official dubbing of this movie has been released not even English. I have not found the exact reason till today. But I have every part of it with Bengali subtitles, if you want to watch Karo, you can directly inbox or comment. Now let’s get to the real story.

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A total of 6 parts have been released in this popular Turkish movie franchise. For those who believe in jinn, are familiar with the term black magic, the movies are a must watch but must be viewed at your own risk. No matter how big a horror lover you are, every movie in this franchise will make you shiver, fall into the illusion. Many say that the movies are cursed, that some paranormal activity has happened to those who have seen them.

If we talk about genres then it is a franchise of horror and Islamic religious genre but movies have every sub genre of horror genre. The blend of supernatural, psychological, black magic, cosmic, Lovecraftian, slasher, paranormal genres is notable. The movie was made mainly targeting Muslims. Every scene is presented with extreme disturbing and violence in such a way that everything seems to be happening in front of your eyes.

I won’t spoil the story of the movies, but once again, the movies are made based on the reality of our lives. Our family, love, relatives, friends, past, present, prayers, Quran, haram, halal, jinn are all there in the movies.

These 6 movies are connected with each other. The last 6th part was released in 2019 but it was re-released in November 2023 with some scenes extended. The popularity of the franchise is so great that every part in Turkish is available on Netflix.

But the good news for the paid subscribers of the official HBO streaming platform is that every part of the Siccin franchise will be released in English in November or December 2024. This is just an announcement. There is no official information.

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