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Blue Tears

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At a glance it may seem like a fairy tale river or sea A magical blue light glows at the touch of the hand

At a glance, it may seem like a fairy tale river or sea. A magical blue light glows at the touch of the hand. But no, not a fairy tale but happening in the real world. The light will turn on when your hand touches the sea water. Even the waves of the sea, or the stirring of the water with a stick, or the striking of the water with some other object, cause the light to flash.

This scene takes place every summer in Taiwan’s Matsu River. This is also seen in some places in Maldives. The phenomenon is known to be caused by a type of glowing algae. It is named Blue Tears which means blue tears. Visitors come here from far and wide to enjoy this natural scene.

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Scientists say the Blue Tears are caused by a special type of glowing algae scientifically known as Noctiluca scintillans. According to a director of the National Taiwan Ocean University’s Center of Excellence for the Oceans, the light is caused by a type of glowing algae and is nothing to be afraid of. On the other hand, according to Colonel Biologist Professor James Morin, the living creature causing this light in the Maldives is called “Ostracod crustaceans”. Although some people mistake them for plankton.

Matsui in Taiwan is not the only place where this play of water and light is going on. These tiny living creatures are giving joy in many other parts of the world by playing such strange games. The same thing is happening on the coasts of Puerto Rico, Thailand, Maldives, Jamaica, Belgium and California.

Scarborough, Canada

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