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Character music of Toofan movie

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Character music is a unique music setup for each important character in the movie

I have highlighted the importance of BGM in many of my previous posts Today I will talk about character music Character music is a separate music setup for each important character in the movie Eg:- We saw in the movie Pathan when Shah Rukh Khan enters, a music starts playing A kind of music plays when John Abraham enters Despite Deepika’s entry, the same music plays

In the movie Tiger 3, when Salman Khan enters, the iconic music of the Tiger series plays. Imran’s entry hall is played by horrible music We have seen in the movie Vikram, when Kamal Haasan enters, a music plays Another piece of music plays when Vijay Sethupathi enters Great music plays when Suriya’s rolex character enters I have heard this kind of music in movies such as Jawaan, Pushpa, kgf, Animal These are character music The characters of the movie become very powerful because of this music Sometimes the character becomes iconic For example, Suriya’s rolex character has become quite iconic because of this music

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Poison is currently being given a lot of importance in Bollywood, South movies Even in Bengali cinema its influence has started When Dev’s Khadaan movie was announced in the recent past, when Dev’s look was revealed, we got to hear a music/background score along with Dev’s look in the announcement teaser. When the look of Jesus was revealed, I heard a music along with his look

However, they have not yet had an impact on Bangladeshi cinema We didn’t get any great music with Shakib’s look in the announcement teaser of Tufan Maybe it was not possible in the rush But I hope the director will look into it Set great music for every important character in the movie Specially with Shakib Khan, I want music that gives a different vibe Body hair will stand up

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