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Nishi’s journey

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I want you to come to my brothers life and encourage him

As Sajia opened the door, Nishi saw none other than Shaun and a middle-aged woman. That means Sajia’s younger brother Shawn? And with his mother? Nishi will be unconscious now. Whose level has he fallen? Sajia did not tell him why? And now it is clear why Sajia’s mother wanted to see him. Sajia understood Nishi’s condition. So he quickly let him drink water. And after taking a sip of water, Nishi’s cough went away. There was so much coughing that Shaon and his mother came forward to Sabera Chowdhury. Meanwhile, in the presence of Shawn, Nishir became even more angry. Even if his body is not coupled, his mind and brain are not fixed, just running around. Seeing this condition of Nishi, Shawn went to the other side, scratching his head. He thought that Nishi would be more uncomfortable if he was here. Yes, that’s right. Nishi is now feeling uncomfortable seeing Shaun. As soon as Shaun leaves, Sajia grabs Nishi and assures him that there is nothing to fear. Nothing to worry about. I’m telling you everything…

“When you said on the bus that day that you don’t have parents. One brother only then I doubted if you were the girl whom my brother loves like crazy and even dared to go to your house alone to propose marriage but you So don’t tell me anything. Anyway, how did I know now?

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My only brother is Shaon Chowdhury. He is much younger than me, you can’t even guess how much younger. He is loved by all of us. Maybe I’m a little too cute. Before he does anything, he should at least tell me. But again don’t worry everything says haha. See how much he can handle at such a young age. Running from one district to another for work. Saw you 2 years ago. Then he found out that you are Abir’s sister. You know we were very surprised? I saw you as a child. Then he moved to Dhaka and did not meet again.

He likes you a long time ago, but he proposed marriage 1 month ago? How busy my brother! And if I said I was Shaun’s sister, would you ask me to come home? So I didn’t tell you before. don’t be angry with me Even if Shawn didn’t like you, I would have taken you as a brother-in-law. Because you are very polite, humble and straight forward. And you have interest in Islam which I like more. Do you know how happy I am that you are changing yourself little by little? In the hadith, in choosing a bride for marriage, the Prophet (PBUH) said to give priority to the beauty of the soul and faith over external beauty. He said, “Marry a woman by looking at her four qualities: her wealth, her lineage, her beauty and her religion.” But you will prioritize religion. Otherwise you will suffer.’ (Sahih Bukhari, Hadith: 5090).

I want you to come to my brother’s life and encourage him. God is the owner of change, but we can try, don’t you say? I have explained a lot to him but he has been spared for so long with the excuse of work pressure. You will not let him get away with it, right? You and I will make him whole hahaha. And see my mother, you will never feel alone. My mother will see you in the eyes of a daughter. Alhamdulillah brought my mother and myself to the path of Islam. Father also came earlier. Only Thara Bhai didn’t come. Hope it will come soon inshallah.

[Note: Allah is the owner of guidance. We can only encourage people for guidance. I can pray Allah says – “You cannot guide whom you like. But Allah guides whom He wills.” (Al-Qasas: 56)]
And don’t worry about your studies at all. No one will stop us. Read as much as you want. But I also got married after completing Masters. Alhamdulillah I read even after marriage, your brother never stopped me. Instead, he always said, if you can read from the path of Islam, then read as much as you like. In the hadith, the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “Allah will make the path of Paradise smooth for the one who pursues the path of acquiring knowledge.”
(Tirmidhi Ha/2646; Ikhnu Majah Ha/223; Sahihul Jame’ Ha/6298, Sanad Sahih, Baihaqi, Shuabul Iman: 5367).

There is no end to learning. So we won’t stop you either. Now decide what you will do. We will not force you, we will only say that you will be fine, God willing. And you don’t call me big sister? Do older sisters ever want to harm younger sisters? Always want the best.”

Nishi couldn’t find anything else to say. Just thought that day Abir also explained to him a lot like this. Meanwhile, Sabera Chowdhury also treats her like a mother. Nishi may be the first to understand the bride in this way! He is ashamed of this. So he said, “I don’t mind if there is no hindrance or fear of harm in my studies and practice of Islam. And yes, I agree with you aunty and you. Not for your brother.”

Hearing this, Sajia and Sabera Chowdhury laughed. They don’t want to delay any longer. They want to get married now. Do not delay in good work.

[Note: There are many virtues of marriage that cannot be written down. One aspect is mentioned – marriage acts as a helper in the fulfillment of a believer’s faith. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘Whoever marries has fulfilled half of his faith. Therefore, in the remaining half let him fear Allah.’ (Bayhaqi, Shuabul Iman).]

But this is the way to get married? How many preparations are there for marriage? So they called Abir and explained the whole incident. Abir was surprised at first but was more than happy. Finally, his sister agreed, but again she was not a pot. Sohaga in absolute gold. Call him your friend. It makes no sense to miss out on such a pot. And since Abir is the father of Nishi. So there is no need to inform anyone about this. Everyone will know on the wedding day.

[Note: The sole guardian of a girl is basically the father. But Nishi’s father is not in the story. In the hadith,

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:

“If a woman marries without the permission of her parents, her marriage is void,” he said three times. If her husband has intercourse with her, then she is entitled to dowry.’ (Sunan Abi Dawood : 2083, Sunan Tirmidhi : 1102, Musnad Ahmad : 24205) ]

Since going from Dhaka to the village is a hassle, the wedding date was fixed on the phone. But the marriage will take place in the village. No big event will be held at Nishi’s house. It will only bring home from home. Then Walima will be done in Dhaka.

[Note: Entertaining relatives, friends, well-wishers and the poor on behalf of the son after marriage is called ‘Walima’. Walima is called Baubhat in Bengal. Walima should be performed on the day after the wedding or as soon as possible. But it is better to do it within three days. Walima can be done with any type of food. Walima is an act of worship. Walima for one day is Sunnah, Walima for two days is Mustahab, Walima for three days is permissible. (Muslim: 1427).

Walima is an important Sunnah. Rasulullah (SAW) himself did Walima and asked the companions to do it. Walima was performed the day after Rasulullah (SAW) married Zainab bint Jahash (RA). (Bukhari, Hadith number-5170). Rasulullah (SAW) fed Shafiyyah (RA) with Walima for three days after her marriage. (Musnad Abu Yala, Hadith Number-3834)

Hazrat Anas (R.A.) said, Prophet (S.A.) saw a yellow mark on the body of Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf and asked, “What is it?” He said, I married a woman with a palm’s weight of gold. The Prophet (PBUH) said, ‘May God bless your marriage. Do Walima even if it is by a goat.’ (Bukhari: 5155; Muslim and Mishkat, Hadith number-3210). ]
Only 7 days left. Then Nishi’s marriage. I’m blushing with shame just thinking about it. Again, I feel bad, how happy they would be if they had parents. Let God do everything for good.
Nishi has come to the village after shopping for the wedding. He didn’t buy much. Sajia was forbidden. He strictly prohibited. He wants to decorate Nishi with his own hands on the wedding day. Meanwhile, Nishi’s marriage has become known in the village. Some people are saying that if not through love, where did such a big man get a pot. Some people are saying that I don’t know what Akam has done and now he will be forced to marry. Some people say that he will survive if he hangs on the neck of a big man, so it seems that he is dead. But the reality is nothing like that.

[Note: We are very good at slandering people. Comment without thinking anything.

Slander is a heinous crime. Makes truth false and false true. Defamation criminalizes people for no reason and damages honor and personality. Almighty Allah says – Those who slander chaste women, then do not present four witnesses. Shall give them eighty lashes and never accept their testimony. They themselves are false. (An Noor, Verse No. 4).

Almighty Allah says, “Certainly those who slander honest, simple-minded believing women about adultery are cursed in this world and the Hereafter, and for them (in the Hereafter) there is a great punishment.”

Rasulullah SAW. Said, ‘If a Muslim insults another Muslim in a place where his honor is lost, Allah will insult him in a place where he hopes to be helped.’ (Abu Dawud 4884). ]

Although Nishi felt bad after hearing these words, he did not listen because Allah knows the truth and his family knows. And no one will know.

Only 3 days left for the wedding. Nishi suddenly remembered Razia Khatun and Neetu. They were very close to Nishi. But what happened to Altaf Hossain! Nishi felt that such good news should be conveyed to Razia Khatun. So he took the phone and called, after 2 rings Razia Khatun answered. When Nishi told her good news to Razia Khatun, the phone fell from her hand. He never expected this. Meanwhile, Nishi is saying hello hello. Then Neetu was speechless hearing what Nishi said.

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